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Training the trainers, Wikimedia UK 2012

Wikimedia UK is the Wikimedia chapter covering the United Kingdom. We exist to help collect, develop and distribute freely licensed knowledge (and other educational, cultural and historic material). We do this by bringing the Wikimedia community in the UK together, and by building links with UK-based cultural institutions, universities, charities and other bodies. We also represent UK-based Wikimedians to the Wikimedia Foundation and the global Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia UK is seeking individuals or organisations that can deliver a 'Training the Trainers' programme­.

The aim will be to train active Wikipedians and educators to deliver consistent and high quality training to a range of audiences throughout the UK. These audiences will include volunteers hoping to edit for the first time or curators at museums seeking to refine their technique (or visa versa!).

If you would be interested in delivering this in cooperation with Wikimedia UK please send your tender to:

It must include:

  • Details about yourself and your organisation including references that can be taken up regarding work of a similar nature you have undertaken in the past.
  • Examples of similar work you have undertaken in the past.
  • An explanation of your approach to working with volunteers.
  • A detailed description of the approach you will take with a timetable and success criteria. This should include teaching and assessment methods, and using the web to reinforce and extend learning.
  • The number of Wikimedians (i.e. Those who regularly edit and contribute to the pages of our websites) you will train.
    (For your information we currently have around 350 members nationwide of whom up to 100 participate in the activities of the chapter. There are of course far more who volunteer from the keyboard of their computers.)
  • How your work fits in with the open access ethos of Wikimedia UK.
  • An agreement that the training materials produced will be open access under a CC-BY-SA licence.
  • A detailed list of your tender amount and what it does and does not include.

All tenders to be received by 5pm on Tuesday the 24th of April. Now closed.

For any further information please contact Jon Davies on 0207 065 0991 or by email:

Decision of WMUK

In 2012 Wikimedia UK put out a tender for Training the Trainers.

There were five applications.

This is the report of the tender panel:

Agreed by MP, HM and JD.

Skype meeting to discuss tender for Train the Trainers.

4th of May 2012

  • Martin Poulter Trustee
  • Harry MItchell - Volunteer
  • Jon Davies - Chief Executive


The trustees of WKUK have allocated £20,000 to a Train the Trainers initiative “We will, with professional help, set up a programme to train Wikimedia volunteers in how to train others. This programme will support professionalism and continual development. Trainers develop skills and confidence both with contributing to the Wikimedia projects and teaching others to contribute. In turn, they will be better placed to support Wikimedia UK's outreach efforts. Our training programmes include expert outreach workshops with a variety of learned societies, funding bodies and educational charities. They also include events to diversify our community by reaching out to small, informal groups. While the core of our training depends on volunteer work, this activity needs a budget for travel, for hosting events, for the creation of teaching resources and appropriate professional assistance.”


Given a need for transparency and accountability the trustees agreed that the project should be put out to tender. This was done and five bids were received.

The Chief Executive checked them over and in two cases asked for extra information in order for them to comply with the tender request.

A tender panel was agreed with the board of Martin Poulter as a trustee and Jon Davies from Staff. A community rep was sought and identified through the list of those who had expressed an interest in being Trained as a Trainer on the wiki.

The documents were collated by the office and distributed by email to the panel.

An aide memoire was produced by the CE going through the tender specs and commenting on the details of the bids.

A meeting was then held by Skype and the tenders discussed.


Detailed feedback on each of the bids is available from Martin but there was complete agreement in the following decisions:

1. In light of the quality of the Midas Consulting bid, and its relevance to Wikimedia UK's immediate needs, we should accept the Midas bid and engage with them ASAP.

ACTION: The CE to contact them.

2. That the Matthews bid proposal contained a persuasive case for using a customised Moodle virtual learning environment as an ongoing part of Wikimedia UK's work with trainers and trainees. This VLE would include customised learning and assessment materials as well as private discussion spaces.

ACTION:The CE to approach Matthews with a view to bringing him on board to supply this service.

3. That the Mabbett bid contained expertise that should be addressed towards working with institutions.

ACTION: The CE to approach him with a view to supplying WMUK with services to this effect, leading our work in this area and coordinating other volunteers to deliver quality training.

ACTION: The CE to also inform the other to tenders of the results once this document is agreed and thank them for their participation.

Tender docs

These are the two successful tenders. Personal details have been removed as they affect third parties, and the original tender costs redacted owing to commercial sensitivities.