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Volunteer role: Wikimedia UK trainer

Overall purpose of the role

Wikimedia UK (WMUK) trainers help to organise and deliver engaging Wikimedia workshops (e.g. Wikipedia editing training) on behalf of Wikimedia UK to support our overall programme.

About WMUK

Wikimedia UK is the national charity that promotes and supports Wikipedia, its sister projects, and other open educational resources in the UK. "Open" refers to information which is available for copying, reuse and modification, including for commercial uses, without cost or restriction other than attribution. Following the principles of Wikipedia, volunteers have a central role in all our activities.

We were established in 2008 and are one of over forty similar associations in countries around the world, recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation but operationally and legally independent. We work with individuals, cultural and educational institutions, businesses and media companies to make freely licensed content available and to help other people re-use open content. We seek to have a close relationship with other open content organisations in the UK, and with the global community of Wikimedia readers and editors. A lot of our outreach work comprises of training workshops, which are delivered by our volunteer trainer community.

  • In your first year, we would like you to attend our weekend Train the Trainer workshop (free)
  • We expect you to support at least 2 events per year
  • Ideally we would like you to commit to at least one year of volunteering
  • Training events have various timescales and can be flexible, taking place both weekday and weekends, lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

What we are looking for
  • Good communication, feedback and listening skills
  • Ideally some prior experience of training others, interest in helping others learn
  • Knowledge of Wikimedia projects desirable but not essential
  • Confidence at speaking to groups of people, presentation skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • A commitment to the work of WMUK and representing WMUK in a positive way
  • A willingness to attend all briefings and training related to your role; for example Train the Trainer training, background briefings on events you’ll be delivering

What we can offer you
  • Training, guidance and support
  • Information and materials to help you carry out your role effectively
  • Recognition of the role that you are carrying out in support of WMUK and your contribution to our vision and mission
  • Opportunity to work with cultural institutions and education institutions in the UK
  • Opportunity to train with other volunteers
  • Opportunity to get feedback about the workshops you deliver
  • Reasonable expenses
  • Public liability insurance when training

We hope you will
  • Contribute towards Wikimedia UK activities designed to realise our objectives, to the best of your ability
  • Complete our Train the Trainer workshop when possible, and any other additional trainings as required
  • Learn from feedback provided by participants, partner organisations, and WMUK
  • Report back from events delivered by you, crucially providing a list of participants. Make sure confidentiality is upheld
  • Meet time commitments and standards agreed
  • Support WMUK procedures and standards by upholding the following:
    • Undertake not to use the trademarks "Wikimedia" or "Wikimedia UK" in a way that implies endorsement, without written permission from the appropriate staff member of Wikimedia UK. If there is a team of trainers delivering training, just the lead trainer has to have permission, not all the trainers individually.
    • Avoid describing or representing yourself, verbally or in writing, to any organisation as a Wikimedia UK Approved or Accredited Trainer, with the aim of selling or providing Wikimedia related training independently of Wikimedia UK.

The purpose of this role description is to set out the expectations of both parties. It is not the intention of either party that the volunteering has the purpose or effect of creating a legally binding contract or an employment relationship between parties.