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Wikimedia UK is currently recruiting for a new Honorary Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees. The ideal candidate will have an accountancy qualification and an understanding of charity finance, and be able to work collegiately with staff and other trustees to ensure the overall successful financial management of the charity. Specifically, the Treasurer's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Oversee the charity's financial health and the financial viability of the charity's strategy and other plans
  • Support the organisation's strategic financial planning, working with the executive to ensure the inclusion of financial projections in strategic and business plans
  • Lead on the interpretation of financial data to the Board from time to time, including operational, fundraising and investment performance against target and sector norms
  • Attend quarterly Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) meetings, working closely with the Head of Finance and Operations and CEO to support the production of papers
  • Keep fellow board members apprised of their financial obligations and provide assurance of the board's due compliance in that respect at all times
  • Liaise with the executive in the development of appropriate financial policies/procedures and play a key role in ensuring that the policies are followed
  • Maintain oversight for the board over the spending of annual budgets, including ensuring that budget decisions are recorded appropriately, and are followed
  • Ensure that statutory annual accounts are prepared in accordance with the charity Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and that these are appropriately audited as required by law, and/or our funders
  • Undertake expert liaison with the charity's auditors and support the executive on the recruitment and appointment of new auditors where appropriate
  • Liaise with the executive for due compliance with Charity Commission House annual filing obligations via the ARC on behalf of the board
  • Prepare and present a Treasurer's Report at each AGM
  • Ensure that the required proper accounting records and an effective system of internal financial controls is maintained

You don't have to have experience as a trustee, but a commitment to the work of Wikimedia UK is essential.

This search is being supported by the recruitment consultancy Page Executive. For more information, including a full candidate pack, please email