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This is a list of expenses incurred by staff and trustees during the financial year from 2012-13. This is not a reliable method for judging trustees in and of itself. There are a few important things to note:

  • If several trustees and volunteers have a meal, but one of them pays on behalf of everyone present, that would show as an inordinately large expenses claim - when in fact no excessive spending has occurred.
  • A trustee with almost no expenses for the year may have been relatively inactive, or may have simply not claimed for expenses, or may have been especially frugal.
  • A trustee who lives in the North of Scotland will incur greater expenses than one who lives in Central London, through no fault of their own.
  • Some expense claims from this year have not been processed yet.
Andrew Turvey 62.86
Item Cost
Board costs - travel to 18 sept exec 62.86
Ashley Van Haeften 2244.04
Item Cost
Board meeting travel costs 12.4
Board training with CAS 15
Data and calls (via GiffGaff) 15
Dinner for board meeting 12
Flight for Fae to Wikimania 683.59
Hotel for Fae for Wikimania 981.75
NCVO Trustee Conference 2012: Fae 199.5
Per Diem for Wikimania 225
Return travel to Heathrow for Wikimania 34
Return via London Midland to Coventry Board meeting 46
Travel from Heathrow, Wikimania 3.7
Travel to Heathrow, Wikimania 3.1
Travel to QRPedia review 6.8
WMUK meetings 6.2
Chris Keating 662.9
Item Cost
Board training with CAS 15
Eurostar to Finance Meeting 143
NCVO Trustee Conference 2012: Keating 199.5
Per Diem 75
Taxi from Newport to Monmouth for board meeting 40.3
Train to Newport for Monmouth Board Meet 142
Travel to Coventry Board Meeting 48.1
Doug Taylor 1843.71
Item Cost
Board meeting hotel for Doug 75.65
Doug Taylor - Flights to Wikimania 2012 Washington DC 654.05
Doug Taylor - Hotel for Wikimania 707.41
Hotel for board 81.6
Mileage costs - 2s 116 miles x 25p 58
Parking costs for board meeting 2.5
Per Diem for Wikimania 230
Travel to Board Meeting 28.5
Tube tickets x2 to board meeing 6
John Byrne 281.8
Item Cost
Duties of Charity Trustees' Training course 60
Honorary Treasurers Forum Masterclass 50
Meeting Keith from Compass 18.3
Meetings with WMUK office 7.7
Mileage costs for invoice 308 15.3
Travel costs for Hon Treas. Forum, governance 45.1
Travel to Board Meeting 15.4
Treasurers Forum discussion, travel costs 21.7
Trustee Training 48.3
Jon Davies 574.54
Item Cost
Cost to travel to Exec meeting in Manchester on 5 March 2012 74.2
Food for Board 32.79
Food for board meeting 77.6
Lunch with Greyham Dawes, trustee candidate, + CK & JB 58.1
Supper for Board 209.98
Travel to Monmouth Board Meeting for Jon + Richard 109
Working lunch for Chair/Treasurer meeting 12.87
Joscelyn Upendran 1739.6
Item Cost
480 miles driving to AGM 150
Coffee 3.7
Hotel for Board meeting at Premier Inn 59
Hotel for Joscelyn Upendran Wikimania 2012 D.C. 486.11
Joscelyn Upendran to Wikimania 2012 628.49
Per Diem for Wikimania 200
Salad & Water 6.05
Train from Darlington to London for board meeting 85.6
Travel to Wikimania (train to LHR) 103.3
Tube tickets, London underground, AGM 7
Tube to board meeting 8.6
Water 1.75
Martin Poulter 201.1
Item Cost
AGM travel 51.5
Board meeting travel 24.6
Dinner for board meeting 12
Travel to Board Meeting 64.5
Travel to board meeting (7 Sept 48.5
Mike Peel 2598.44
Mike also maintains a separate list of the compensation he has received from Wikimedia, which is at meta:User:Mike Peel/Wikimedia compensation.
Item Cost
conference call with WMDE regarding the Paris agreement 45.12
Skype call, £5.879 x 1.2 = £7.05 7.05
Baggage fees 59.49
Board & Finance meetings 148.02
Board Meeting mileage 81.5
Board Meeting parking 5
Breakfast, 12 May 2.6
Breakfast, 13 May 3.98
Evening meal (12 May, excluding drinks) 5.95
Evening meal (13 May, excluding drinks) 3.25
Evening meal on Fri 20th 12.5
Evening meal on Sat 21st 5.99
food on the way back to Manchester from Exec meeting 5.79
Hostelling international 89.22
Hotel - London Budget-Hartley House 93
Hotel & breakfast for Mike Peel for London 166.3
Hotel Fusion, San Francisco 248.14
John Rylands Meeting 28.95
Lunch, 13 May (Excluding drinks) 5.99
Meal for MP, JB, Fae, DT 37.35
Meal on Sunday 22nd 3.99
Mike Peel, travel to Wikimania 2012 692.91
Oyster card (11 May) 2.9
Oyster card (12 May) 4
Oyster card (13 May) 6
Per Diem for Wikimania 330
Phone bill, April 2012 - calls to Co-op 10.29
Phone bill, May 2012 - calls to Co-op and Unity Trust 27.28
Phone calls in May 2012 10.87
Skype Call (3 Jan Meeting) 15.2
Train from London to Manchester 32.5
Tram from Manchester to home 2.5
Travel - mileage claims - total of 352 miles = £118 118
Travel from Airport to home 4.5
Travel to Airport 5.45
Travel to Board Meeting 99.05
Travel to exec 150.69
UK travel to Airport (Wikimania) 4.5
Wikimania Registration 22.62
Roger Bamkin 834.5
Item Cost
Chapter's Association visit 500
Per Diem for June board meeting 50
Train to Board Meeting 155.5
Train to London for 30 June Board meeting 78
Travel to London for AGM 2012. 51
Steve Virgin 73.25
Item Cost
Board Meeting 11/02 73.25
Grand Total