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Comment This is a working page to draft the Trustees Report that will be included in the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 January 2011. The format is largely prescribed and is based on the 2010 Trustees' Report. A more narrative report may be included as well as a "Chairs Report" or "Secretary's Report". Please feel free to contribute if you've been involved in any activities this year


TRUSTEES’ ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 JANUARY 2011 ______________________________________________________________________

Structure, Governance and Management[edit | edit source]

Wiki UK Limited, which operates under the name Wikimedia UK, is a charitable company limited by guarantee and therefore has no share capital. It was incorporated on 5 November 2008 as company number 06741827. An application has been made to the Charity Commission and negotiations are currently underway to secure registered charitable status.

The company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporated on 5 November 2008, Special Resolutions passed at General Meetings of Members and various rules that have been adopted by the board.

The company has signed a "Chapter Agreement" with the Wikimedia Foundation, a Florida-registered non-profit that operates the Wikipedia website and owns the Wikimedia trademark. Under these agreements the Foundation recognises the company as the "chapter" of the Wikimedia movement covering the UK, authorises the company to use the Wikimedia trademark. Each party agrees to support the work of the other and agrees not to engage in activities that might negatively impact the work or image of the other.

The company has also signed a "Chapter Fundraising Agreement" with the Wikimedia Foundation, which establishes the basis on which the company participates in the annual fundraiser that takes place on the Wikipedia and associated websites.

The company encourages all people who support their objectives and have links to the UK to join. Membership increased in the year from 56 to 165. Members are invited to an Annual General Meeting where they elect the Board of Trustees and Directors who runs the day to day operations of the company.

The Board of Trustees elects a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who have delegated authority in their sphere of activities.

Objectives and activities[edit | edit source]

The trustees confirm they have complied with the duty in Section 4 of the Charities Act 2006 to have due regard to the general guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit.

The principal object of the charity is to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or under a licence that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify said content, by various means.

The primary way the company acheives this is through supporting and promoting Wikipedia, the freely-licensed online encyclopedia and top 10 website, and other sister projects. Wikipedia is supported through partnerships with museums, libraries, archives and academic researchers. Wikipedia is promoted through media work and presentations.

Achievements and performance[edit | edit source]

Key events in the year have included:

February 2010 - Britain Loves Wikipedia competition
April 2010 - Open Knowledge Conference participation and Annual General Meeting
May 2010 - Wikimedia Fundraising Summit
June 2010 - Wikipedian in Residence at the British Museum, including Backstage Pass and Hoxne Challenge
November 2010 - GLAM-WIKI conference at the British Museum
January 2011 - Wikipedia's 10th Birthday - Jimmy Wales Talk at the University of Bristol - streamed live on net
January 2011 - Wikipedia's 10th Birthday - Jimmy Wales Talk at Bristol Cathedral - Bristol Cathedral Choir School
January 2011 - Celebrations of Wikipedia's 10th Birthday, including an editathon at the British Library
January 2011 - First event of the Wikipedia workshops for Cancer Research UK
February 2011 - Board interest day
March 2011 - BrisWiki 2011 - Wikipedia Academy at the University of Bristol
April 2011 - Derby Museums Backstage Pass
April 2011 - Annual Conference and AGM

For more information please see Wikimedia UK in 2010

Financial review[edit | edit source]

Funds are raised principally through the annual Wikimedia fundraiser, when an appeal for donations is advertised on the Wikipedia website and related sites. Wikimedia UK participates in this fundraiser under the terms of a Chapter Fundraising Agreement between Wikimedia UK and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Other sources of income include membership fees, other donations from individuals and grants for individual projects. We also receive significant donations in kind, by way of pro-bono professional assistance and provision of facilities such as room hire and refreshments.

Funds have been spent to foster collaborations between the Wikimedia movement and other organisations, such as Museums, Libraries, Universities and media companies; to address misconceptions about the Wikimedia projects in the media; running events that brings the Wikimedia community together in person so that they can collaborate to improve the Wikimedia projects; and on administrative costs such as legal and accounting fees and the costs of meetings of the board and the AGM.

The period saw total incoming resources of £577,459 (2010: £94,186), of which unrestricted funds of £574,229 (2010: £48,422) included £563,581 (2010: £44,374) of fundraising income and restricted funds of £3,230 (2010: £45,764) included a grant of £3,230 from Hearst (2010: £Nil).

Fund balances as at 31 January 2011 stood at £562,526 (2010: £42,333) of unrestricted funds and £46,039 (2010: £45,182) of restricted funds.

In addition to the financial contributions received, the company has received many hours of time from volunteers. The five board members are all unpaid volunteers and they have donated their time to attend board meetings, operate the day to day activities of the chapter and lead events. Our pro-bono Head of Public Relations has been central to the successes in our media strategy. The events held thoughout the year would not have been possible without the many volunteers who helped out. And finally, the value and success of the Wikimedia projects is down to the dedication and support of the 5,000 volunteers in the UK who regularly contribute alongside 95,000 other people around the world.

Plans for the future[edit | edit source]

Following a successful fundraiser in 2010-11, the company plans to expand its activities, taking on a number of staff to facilitate more volunteer involvement and to roll our successful models throughout the country.

Reserves policy[edit | edit source]

No formal reserves policy has been established. However, when setting the budget, we have agreed to target a reserves balance equal to 12 months’ administrative expenses and to build this reserve up over two years. This policy ensures that a temporary fall in income does not disrupt the programme of activities.

Risk management[edit | edit source]

The company has adopted a set of financial controls which address the risk of inappropriate or unauthorised spending. These include bank account signatories

The company is currently highly dependent on the annual Wikimedia Fundraiser for its income. It aims to diversify its income stream through use of the payroll goving scheme, once the charity application is successful, and encouraging donors to set up regular direct debits and standing orders. In addition, the company ensures it regularly engages with the Wikimedia Foundation to understand their priorities and any concerns they have so that these can be appropriately managed.

Responsibilities of trustees[edit | edit source]

[statutory text, not noted here]

Signed on behalf of the trustees:

Chairman [ ] April 2011