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The UK Wikimedian of the Year Awards recognise the work of community members and partner organisations in sharing open knowledge. We have held them every year since 2012. Typically announced at WMUK's Annual General Meeting, for 2022 we announced them at the Wikimania satellite event hosted in London.

Congratulations to all the winners and honourable mentions, and thank you to all our volunteers (especially those who made nominations).

2022 UK Wikimedian of the Year

Lucy Moore

Last year's Up and Coming Wikimedian of the Year, Lucy Moore is a skilled Wikipedian and outstanding advocate for the Wikimedia movement. As an editor she works with WikiProject Women in Red, supporting their initiatives, and works to improve Wikipedia's diversity and inclusion as a platform, across class, gender, disability and race. As well as contributing to Wikimedia projects directly, Lucy engages with Wikimedia in professional and academic contexts, organising events, advocating for engagement with Wikimedia, and supporting others in their efforts. She has shared her insight and knowledge with Wikimedia UK staff in support of our work with the heritage sector, which is very much appreciated.

Honourable Mention - James Boyes

James Boyes is a photographer who donates his work to the commons by openly licensing his photographs. James' photographs often document the matches of Lewes FC - first and only gender-equal club in the world - and the teams they play against. His photographs have made a substantive change to improving the visibility of women footballers on Wikipedia and helping grow women's football.

2022 Partnership of the Year


For six years, the Women's Classical Committee have been working to improve Wikipedia's coverage of women in the classics. They created the #WCCwiki initiative, with classicists meeting regularly to close Wikipedia's gender gap in their field. The group have organised training events, have widely shared their work to encourage other to participate, and shared their experience with their peers. Collectively, they have transformed Wikipedia's coverage of classicists and are an outstanding example of how sustained work with a community can create change on Wikipedia.

Honourable Mention - National Galleries of Scotland and the Fruitmarket Gallery

The National Galleries of Scotland and the Fruitmarket Gallery are a joint Honourable Mention this year. Their work has been responsive to the challenges of 2022 and aligned with Wikimedia UK's aims. NGS experimented with virtual volunteering, a project which has been extended as a result of its success, while the Fruitmarket Gallery's focus on improving articles about artists of colour is an important expression of knowledge equity.

2022 Up and Coming Wikimedian

Kirsty Ross

Kirsty Ross's efforts in the Wikimedia movement are geared towards helping others and bringing people together. She has trained people, had excellent ideas for events and has established the IDEA Network (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in Open Knowledge Network) at the University of St Andrews. The principles behind the IDEA Network especially resonate with Wikimedia UK's work, and Kirsty's efforts as a community activator are invaluable.

Honourable Mention - Karen Bowman

Karen Bowman is an enthusiastic Wikipedia editor, who first became involved in editing through an event at the University of Edinburgh. Since then, Karen has been involved in events for Women in Red, the Devil’s Porridge Museum, and the Scots Wikipedia amongst others. We are grateful to Karen and those who donate their time to edit Wikipedia and its sister sites.