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Through all of our programmes, we need to ensure that we are having a positive impact not just on the wider projects but on articles, editors, topics that fall within our geography. The idea is that this is to judge the health of the UK's presence on the wikimedia projects. The idea is that this method of practice can be duplicated across other geographies and chapters to allow other communities to monitor the health of their communities.

Things we need to know[edit | edit source]

  • Number of active UK editors
  • Demographics of active UK editors
  • Activity and edits of active UK editors
  • Quantity of UK related wikipedia articles
  • Quality of UK related wikipedia articles
  • Language coverage of wikipedia articles
  • Quality of multi-language wikipedia articles
  • number of UK related images
  • Quality of UK related image
  • UK GLAM coverage (and reputations)
  • UK barriers to access reduction (reach increased, QRCodes, Kiwix, etc)

How to do this[edit | edit source]

How such measures are done vary based on what is doable now and what we should be aiming to do in the future.

  • Coordinate-grouped vs. "is in administrative unit" tree (how many in either group, subset)
  • How many Wikidata items have an image / an English label / an article / an English article
  • Other, non-geographic subgroups: British nationals, companies, etc.


Resources[edit | edit source]