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    University of Edinburgh

Courses Overview


  • Translation Studies MSc course: September 2018
  • Reproductive Biology Hons. September 2018
  • Intellectual Humility MOOC September 2018


  • Translation Studies MSc course: September 2017 - 21 students trained to translate 2000 words from one high quality article into a different language Wikipedia. Repeated in Semester Two.
  • Reproductive Biology Hons. course started in September 2017 - 51 students trained to work in groups to create articles missing from the field of Reproductive Biomedicine (6 new articles and 1 improved with 26.3K words added and 618,000 article views to date).
  • World Christianity MSc course began in September 2017 - 8 students trained to create articles missing from the field of World Christianity.
  • Data Science for Design MSc - Wikidata in the Classroom project in Semester One.
  • Global Health MSc - postponed due to Felix Stein's research leave. First iteration confirmed instead for 2018/2019.
  • Workshop in Digital Sociology MSc - First iteration in November 2017.
  • Intellectual Humility (MOOC) - online tutorial.


  • Reproductive Biology Honours - took place in Semester One.
  • Translation Studies MSc - Semester One and Semester Two.
  • World Christianity MSc - Semester One.
  • Intellectual Humility (MOOC) - online tutorial.
  • Online History MSc - Summer project.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) - online tutorial.

Course breakdown

Reproductive Biology

Key facts

  • Research session for Reproductive Biology Honours students.
  • Organised by Dr Chris Harlow and Ewan McAndrew


In September 2015, Reproductive Biology Honours students researched, synthesised and developed a first-rate Wikipedia entry of a previously unpublished medical term: Neuroangiogenesis. The case study is detailed here. The session proved a success so is to be repeated & expanded in September 2016 in collaboration with West Virginia University.

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World Christianity

Key facts

  • MSc Course


In September 2016, Dr Alex Chow, Lecturer in Theology and World Christianity, will run an 11 week Wikipedia assignment as part of the World Christianity MSc. The class is known Selected Themes in the Study of World Christianity (WRCH11018). This core course offers candidates the opportunity to study in depth Christian history, thought and practice in and from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Primary attention is given to methods for the study of indigenous forms and expressions of Christianity, to issues of culture and gender, and the changing patterns of relationship between Christianity in the West and other parts of the world. Issues of religious pluralism feature significantly in terms of the interaction between Christianity and other religious traditions. The assignment counts towards 10% of the final assessment.

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Translation Studies

Key facts

  • MSc course
  • Organised by Dr Charlotte Bosseaux and Dr Hephzibah Israel, and supported by Ewan McAndrew (WIR)


In September 2016, Dr. Charlotte Bosseaux, Senior Lecturer on the Translation Studies MSc course will be tasking her students to translate a 4,000 word Wikipedia article into another language as part of their independent study component. This will make use of Wikipedia's new Content Translation tool.

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English Literature

Key facts

  • Undergraduate course


In November 2015, Anouk Lang, lecturer in English and Digital Humanities, tasked her 4th year undergraduate students on the Global Modernisms module to research and write a Wikipedia article on a novel completely unrepresented on Wikipedia with the outcome being a previously unpublished article: Conversations in Bloomsbury, a 1981 memoir that depicts writer Mulk Raj Anand’s life in London during the heyday of the Bloomsbury Group, and his relationships with the group’s members. Anouk reported that the collaborative process engaged her students, and some students in particular who had perhaps been more reticent (or less confident) in participating in more traditional assignments, in researching the topic & in applying the digital literacy skills required to achieve the page’s creation. The net result is not an essay or report that could potentially be filed away & forgotten but instead something that adds to the sum of human knowledge & is discoverable by other readers & editors all over the world so that they, in turn, can add more to it.

Other courses

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)
  • Online History MSc course
    • In Summer 2016, Kacper Lyskiewicz, eLearning and Web Development Officer, invited Ewan McAndrew, Wikimedian in Residence at Edinburgh University, to run a 4 week taster course in editing Wikipedia via the Learn VLE for Online History MSc students.