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    University of Portsmouth

Applied Human Geography

Key facts

  • Applied Human Geography.
    • First-year undergraduate core module for BA Human Geography students.
    • Wikipedia related work involves students working as individuals to write an article about a village in England.
    • Organised by Prof Humphrey Southall and Paula Aucott


Each student is assigned a different stub article for a village in Britain, and asked to expand it to provide a rounded description of the place and, in particular, an account of its historical development. In the first half of the year they do a different assignment based on fieldwork in the local area, but in the Wikipedia-based assignment the villages are at some distance from us and students are expected NOT to visit. In practice, this means they must rely mainly on other online resources, and they are expected to include very systematic references to their sources, which should usually work as hyperlinks.

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Humphrey Southall (r) and the other winners of the 2014 UK Wikimedian of the Year Awards