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A motion has been proposed to change the voting system used to elect the Wikimedia UK board. The arguments in favour of the change, and the drawbacks of making this change are set out below.

Current system[edit | edit source]

(set out current approval voting system)

Proposed system[edit | edit source]

(set out proposed STV system) (and alternative Schulze) (and any others suggested?)

What won't change[edit | edit source]

(number of board members; power of board to coopt replacement trustees; mention two year terms; majority approval requirements; board still elected by the members; members can still vote electronically; tellers can organise any way to cast votes)

Support[edit | edit source]

The change has the support of ...

Opposition[edit | edit source]

The change is opposed by ...

Advantages[edit | edit source]

The change is proposed because:

  1. STV allows the members to differentiate between candidates they support strongly and support weakly
  2. STV means that the result better reflects the different interests and background of the membership


Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

The disadvantages of the change are:

  1. It makes it harder for members to vote, particularly those who are not familiar with the people standing for election, and this may reduce turnout and member engagement
  2. It could encourage candidates to focus on differences and appeal to narrow factions and interests among the membership
  3. Places far too much weight onto first choices in a multi-seat election