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Charity:: Wikimedia UK is a charity. Where is it registered? {~United Kingdom#UK charity law treats Scotland differently =England and Wales}

Vision, values and mission#10

Open knowledge

Video:: Does "open knowledge" in the Wikimedia UK sense cover educational video clips? {=Yes ~No#The definition does include the moving image}

Contact us

Postcode:: Which London postcode is the one for the Wikimedia UK office, which is in the "Silicon Roundabout" area? {~EC1#You are a bit to the west =EC2 ~E1#You are a bit to the east and south ~E2#You are a bit to the east}
Freepost:: What is the Freepost address for the Wikimedia UK office (all you need on the envelope)? {~Freepost Wikimedia =Freepost Wikipedia}

Press room#1

Commons:: Which of the following is a Wikimedia project? {~Creative Commons#Creative Commons is an American non-profit that releases copyright-licenses, known as Creative Commons licenses; these are used on Wikimedia projects, but Creative Commons is an independent organisation =Wikimedia Commons#Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.}


Volunteer:: Who can edit Wikimedia projects as a volunteer? {=Anyone ~Those who have been trained#While training is likely to be helpful in a number of ways to volunteers, there is no requirement at all to do anything before working on Wikimedia projects: all are welcome.}

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