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Dan Garry
Trainer, Wikimedia UK
Dan Garry


I started editing the English Wikipedia in June 2005. I became an administrator in 2006, and gained bureaucrat, checkuser, and oversight rights in 2007. I served as a member of the Arbitration Committee in 2008. From February to September 2013, I served as a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Ombudsman Commission.

My current activities on the English Wikipedia are primarily checkuser related. I am frequently found on the Sockpuppet Investigations pages there. However, I am also active in other areas, such as the Articles for creation and Requests for Adminship processes.

In my day job, I am the Associate Product Manager for Platform at the Wikimedia Foundation. My task is to help maintain and improve MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia. As Wikimedia UK is a separate entity from the Wikimedia Foundation, my employment with the Wikimedia Foundation does not affect my status as a volunteer for Wikmedia UK.

My work

I am an Accredited Wikimedia UK trainer. My accreditations are:

  • Technical (Full).
  • Institutions (Full).
  • Members (Supporting).

If you would like me to run or attend a training event, please feel free to contact me using the information on this page.

I have attended the following events as a trainer:

Contact me

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Twitter: @danjgarry

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