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This is the user account of the Hypatia Trust's Wikimedian In Residence. The Wikimedian In Residence 2016-17 is Dr Tehmina Goskar who founded and is co-ordinating a project called Hypatia's Wikipedia Women.[1]


Dr Tehmina Goskar, Wikimedian In Residence for the Hypatia Trust, 2016-2017

The project[edit | edit source]

The project short title is Hypatia's Wikipedia Women. In summary, the project will establish a key list of women originating from, or working and living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, for whom there are currently no articles on the English-language Wikipedia, or where information is scant or inaccurate. The project will also seek to support the recruitment and training of volunteer writers and editors dedicating to improving and expanding content on this subject.

The project directly addresses the gender gap in the representation of women and female editors on the English-language Wikipedia, as well as contributing to expanding and improving the quality of articles on Cornish subjects.[2][3]

Home[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedian In Residence is based in the Elizabeth Treffry Reading Room, Room 211, Krowji, West Park, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 3AJ.

Role of the Wikimedian In Residence[edit | edit source]

The Hypatia Trust's Wikimedian In Residence is supported by Wikimedia UK to:

  • Act as project manager and coordinator as well as a key liaison between the Hypatia Trust and external organisations
  • Broker appropriate partnerships
  • Undertake self-study and training at Wikimedia UK to learn more about editing and how to train new editors
  • Engage in content creation
  • Create a network of new editors, writers, creators and contributors
  • Generate the hit-list of subjects to be covered and their priorities
  • Ensure the Workplan is undertaken in a timely fashion, making adaptations as required
  • Produce a plan for the continued funding and activity on this project.

In addition, the Wikimedian In Residence will avoid conflicts of interest by not directly authoring new articles related to this project.

Workplan[edit | edit source]

This is the workplan of the first phase of work by the Wikimedian In Residence. This phase is from September 2016 to March 2017.

  1. Join Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK.
  2. Develop means to officially partner with Wikimedia, seek approval as a partner project and to announce the Wikipedian-in-Residence to the sector and Wikimedia communities
  3. Research and list existing content on Wikipedia relating to women in Cornwall and Scilly, including quality
  4. Generate hit-list of priority content for a) creating new articles b) editing existing articles c) incoming links from non-women related content
  5. Prioritise subject areas for research based on collection and researcher strengths
  6. Connect with partners and scholars and advanced students currently researching women in Cornwall and Scilly or those who might be interested in doing so
  7. Draw up criteria for selecting team of volunteer researchers and writers
  8. Identify skills gaps and draw up training plan for researchers and writers
  9. Pilot and trial editing and generating new content
  10. Establish benchmarks, targets and milestones for next stage – pilot phase
  11. Develop plan for contributing to Wikimedia Commons (see below)
  12. Identify supporting small grants and partnerships to continue the project.

List of Hypatia Trust Wikimedians In Residence[edit | edit source]

Name About Dates User on Wikipedia
Dr Tehmina Goskar Museum professional, historian and cultural activist 1 September 2016-current Courgettelawn

References[edit | edit source]

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