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Jon Davies
Chief Executive, Wikimedia UK
Jon Davies


Jon has enjoyed a wide ranging career starting in Film and Television and working his way through Local Government, Primary School Teaching, running Sure Start Programmes and most recently as CEO of a national social care charity Families Need Fathers (FNF). He has twice experienced growing charities. As a committee member and leader of The London Cycling Campaign in the 1980s he helped employ and manage their first staff members. More recently he became the first Chief Executive at FNF and built a strong staff team.

He is an editor on Wikipedia specialising in French Cinema and is always happy to hear from Wikipedians with their suggestions and comments.

My work

  • Facilitate and encourage the participation of volunteers in the activities of Wikimedia UK.
  • Build and develop relationships with museums, universities and other partner organisations, diversify income sources, and maintain a high profile with the media.
  • Advise the Trustees on planning and performance, providing progress against key objectives and managing risks and opportunities as they arise.
  • Recruit, and manage the performance of Wikimedia UK staff.

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