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Katie Chan
Volunteer Support Organiser, Wikimedia UK
Katie Chan


Katie has been a Wikimedia editor since 2004, spending most of her time on the English Wikipedia though she is always happy to try her hands on the various sister projects. She has been a part of Wikimedia UK since its founding in 2008.

In her free time, when she's not spending it on Wikipedia, she studies part time in accountancy and physics. She is looking to meet as many Wikimedia volunteers as possible.

My work

  • Work with the CEO to develop a range of activities appropriate to the needs of Wikimedia UK and its volunteers.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of working with volunteers to make them professionally supported and productive.
  • Encourage and promote the involvement of volunteers and ensure that volunteers are provided with opportunities to support and participate in the organisation.

Contact me

  • On the Wikimedia projects as KTC as a volunteer.
  • Email: