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I am a website design enthusiast and learning PHP/MySQL, can do PowerPoint and other presentation software. I do, and have run my own MediaWiki wikis and like code-editing them, have done some customised ones for my personal testing.

I have edited Wikipedia between 2004-2005 as an IP address, and also had various accounts at, except I lost the password for them frequently and they did not have email. They were not sock puppets but created simply due to not knowing much about keeping an email account attached to Wikipedia at the time.

Although these days I don't edit Wikimedia projects much, when I do, it's usually on various articles etc.

Disclaimer: I edit from shared IP addresses and dynamic ones frequently. The information is only provided for CheckUser purposes.

I do not use accounts abusively - well, I've edited anonymously and from temporary accounts (which I lost the password for, so they're not malicious/abusive accounts really, just accounts with no e-mail) over the years at en.wikipedia but disappeared in late 2005.

My old 2005 accounts at en.wikipedia were made from a shared IP address, used by various individuals in Northwest England - location not revealed for privacy purposes. I do know some other editors off-site, but they are no longer editing, they've moved on now.

If you need to email me, please do so.

I will also be found on en.wikiversity as well, and my own installation of MediaWiki, which is a halfway house between a Wikimedia project (in the sense that it uses material from Wikimedia under the GFDL and a non-Wikimedia project, since original research is permitted. Over there I am sysop, bureaucrat and steward, but that's logical since I created the wiki.

I also run and maintain my own website but it's offline for now, returning in 2011, pending a new webhost being found.