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Travel costs

With many budget airlines and flag carriers flying in to London, flights are relatively cheap from most of the world.
From Costs
Icons-flag-nl.png Amsterdam £64
Icons-flag-gr.png Athens £128
Icons-flag-ie.png Dublin £33
Icons-flag-de.png Frankfurt £56
Icons-flag-tr.png Istanbul £82
Icons-flag-pt.png Lisbon £70
Icons-flag-es.png Madrid £72
Icons-flag-ru.png Moscow £139
Icons-flag-no.png Oslo £59
Icons-flag-fr.png Paris £49
Icons-flag-it.png Rome £87
Icons-flag-at.png Vienna £59
Icons-flag-pl.png Warsaw £79
From Costs
North America
Icons-flag-us.png Chicago £507 (indirect)
Icons-flag-us.png Houston £556
Icons-flag-us.png Los Angeles £550 (indirect)
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico City £732 (indirect)
Icons-flag-us.png Miami £411
Icons-flag-us.png New York £431
Icons-flag-us.png San Francisco £540
Icons-flag-ca.png Toronto £466
Icons-flag-ca.png Vancouver £625
South America
Icons-flag-co.png Bogotá £813 (indirect)
Icons-flag-ar.png Buenos Aires £683 (indirect)
Icons-flag-ve.png Caracas £685 (indirect)
Icons-flag-br.png Rio de Janeiro £550 (indirect)
Icons-flag-cl.png Santiago £853 (indirect)
From Costs
Icons-flag-au.png Melbourne £849 (indirect)
Icons-flag-au.png Sydney £805 (indirect)
Icons-flag-nz.png Auckland £798 (indirect)
Icons-flag-eg.png Cairo £298
Icons-flag-za.png Johannesburg £372 (indirect)
Icons-flag-ke.png Nairobi £380 (indirect)
Icons-flag-th.png Bangkok £533 (indirect)
Icons-flag-in.png Delhi £403 (indirect)
Icons-flag-hk.png Hong Kong £538 (indirect)
Icons-flag-id.png Jakarta £564 (indirect)
Icons-flag-kr.png Seoul £593 (indirect)
Icons-flag-sg.png Singapore £499 (indirect)
Icons-flag-tw.png Taipei £773 (indirect)
Icons-flag-il.png Tel Aviv £189
Icons-flag-jp.png Tokyo £598 (indirect)

The prices listed include all taxes and duties and are for a return flight to London leaving the city on Wednesday 11th July 2012,
and returning Monday 16th July 2012 [1][2]


The pound sterling (ISO 4217: GBP), known locally as the pound (£) is the currency of the United Kingdom, divided into one hundred pence (p).
Currency exchange desks are available at all London airports, as well as at the Post Office and most banks and travel agents. Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, Polish Złoty, Swedish Krona and United States Dollars are all widely exchanged; other currencies are usually exchangeable at the airports.
Exchange rates as of 18 November 2011 (
Currency Equivalent of GB£1 Equivalent in GB£
Icons-flag-au.png Australian Dollar 1.56 0.63
Icons-flag-ca.png Canadian Dollar 1.61 0.71
Icons-flag-eu.png Euro 1.17 0.85
Icons-flag-jp.png Japanese Yen 121.49 0.0082
Icons-flag-se.png Swedish Krona 10.74 0.082
Icons-flag-us.png United States Dollar 1.57 0.63
  1. The equivalent week to the 2013 bid
  2. Taken from a variety of price comparison websites including and