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Richard Nevell
Programme Coordinator, Wikimedia UK
Richard Nevell


Hi, I’m Richard Nevell. I’ve been involved with the English language Wikipedia since 2006 and was made an admin in 2008. My main focus has been on Wikipedia, but I’ve also edited Wikimedia Commons, and a little bit of Wikisource. My job is quite varied, and as part of it I've been lucky enough to help introduce new editors to Wikimedia projects and am an accredited trainer.

Outside Wikipedia, I’m also doing a PhD in Archaeology.

My work

  • Supporting Office and Development Manager in financial duties
  • Acting as first point of contact in the office
  • Attending training events to engage with the community

I am an Accredited Wikimedia UK trainer. My accreditations are:

  • Technical (Full).
  • Institutions (Full).
  • Members (Supporting).

If you would like me to run or attend a training event, please feel free to contact me using the information on this page.

Contact me

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0203 372 0765
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