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Roberta Wedge
Gender Gap Project, Wikimedia UK
Roberta Wedge


I started editing Wikipedia ten years ago this autumn, cut way back a few years ago, and only became involved with the chapter after I initiated a memorial editathon for Dr Adrianne Wadewitz in May. I ended up volunteering for Wikimania, and one thing led to another. My background is in lecturing. I have an MBA and spent two years as a projects manager. In my spare time I attempt to resuscitate Mary Wollstonecraft.

My work

My role is to address the systemic bias in Wikipedia and related projects.

  • Encourage more women to start to edit, and to continue editing
  • Improve the coverage of women in Wikipedia
  • Specifically, run editathons around Ada Lovelace Day

Contact me

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0)20 7065 0990
  • Mobile: +44 (0)

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