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Stuart Prior
Project Coordinator, Wikimedia UK
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Hi, I'm Stuart, one of the Project Coordinators for the Wikimedia UK team. My roles at Wikimedia have included organising Wikimania 2014, fundraising and now working on program.

I'm interested in promoting minority language Wikipedias via diaspora communities and running global events for Wikimedia and the Open community. And ways that Wikimedia can partner with like-minded or complimentary organisations to achieve larger, collective impact.

Outside of Wikimedia, I enjoy cooking, keeping up with politics and economics and trying to learn other languages, and before this I had a varied career in Investment Management, as a bicycle courier, barman and some cutting down of trees.

My work

  • Help run the programme element of Wikimedia UK's work, liaising with our institutional partners and community.
  • Research funding opportunities.
  • Run events to facilitate our movement's goals.

Contact me

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @stuartprior2