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This text is for the VLE landing page, set up to support email creation of accounts for Wikimedia's VLE at http://moodle.wikimedia.org.uk/. If you have arrived here by chance, you can create a VLE account by following "Log in" on that page (top right), which leads to http://moodle.wikimedia.org.uk/login/index.php where there are instructions

Hello, and welcome to Wikimedia UK's Virtual Learning Enviroment (VLE).

This page is not part of the VLE itself, which is run on the Moodle platform. It has been created to form a brief introduction to the VLE. You may want to bookmark it, and return here later for troubleshooting hints.

Tips for accessing and using the VLE

  • The "New Account" link allows you to preview the required fields.
  • You will need a strong password.
  • Usernames are lower case only and without spaces: so John Doe should be entered
  • The confirmation mail sent should arrive in about a minute or so - if you don't receive it promptly, look in your spam box.
  • You should be able to log in, for the first time, simply by clicking on the link given in the text of the mail.
  • Your landing page on the VLE should be the course index at http://moodle.wikimedia.org.uk/course/index.php?categoryid=1. The bulk of the VLE can be found through the link "The Wikimedia Manual". The "Online Toolkit" currently has a course on information literacy.
  • There are videos on the VLE, and we strongly recommend watching them on a full screen, for which you need to click the icon lower right. When the video has finished, click again in the lower right to regain the view of the VLE page.
  • The VLE home page at http://moodle.wikimedia.org.uk/ is useful for accessing the VLE as a whole. The right side bar has some introductory material.
  • If you already know a certain amount about Wikipedia, the list of lessons at http://moodle.wikimedia.org.uk/mod/assign/view.php?id=794 may help with referring to particular topics that interest you.
  • For further support, and in case of problems, use the email address below the signature in the confirmation mail. Please use it also to send feedback to Wikimedia UK on the site.