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This page is kept as an archival reference.
If you want to raise a point about it, please start a discussion thread on the community forum.

Older discussion

Agenda for the VLE 2012

The initial purpose of the system was defined as support for the training effort, and in particular to provide follow-up modules for workshops. As delivered according to the initial agreement, there will be:

  • a Moodle site with modules (81 written) divided up into courses (16);
  • a relatively convenient SSO login system via a custom wiki running under MediaWiki.

Both the Moodle and the wiki will be “in beta” still: i.e. these are prototypes. The wiki will enable community discussion of modules, something which Moodle doesn’t support very well (Moodle has internal forums it calls wikis, but these are underpowered by our standards; it is also not searchable in any serious way).

Therefore it should be well understood across WMUK that these sites are just the start. Further the deliverables for this initial phase of the project are only enough to get things off the ground and documented. They don’t guarantee that the best use is made of the VLE, once there.

Agenda issues

  1. The Moodle content needs to be kept up to date.
  2. The Moodle content can be expanded (there is a proposal to add admin training).
  3. Content can be bought in for Moodle expansion.
  4. The system can be used to get the wider community involved in module writing.
  5. The wiki front end should be developed.
  6. A Moodle “theme” (skin) based on custom CSS has been proposed.
  7. The Moodle content needs visual flair.
  8. The modus operandi of training workshop+VLE needs to be worked out (urgent).
  9. Personnel: WMUK staff need to have access and hold posts on these sites.
  10. Editorial policy needs to be put in place, and scope discussed.
  11. Technology needs for the medium term need to be discussed.
  12. Wikimedia works best with participation and innovation from below.

This is plenty for the Education Committee to think about. Financial and executive decisions by ad hoc methods are not going to move us forward very fast.

Issues arising

Charles raises multiple issues above that need to be addressed. Education Committee ought to be seriously considering what role they can play in moving this project forward, and all interested parties are invited to discuss on the talk page.