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There are lots of ways you can be involved with Wikimedia UK. Below are a list of the roles you could take on, please add your details so we can send you information of volunteering opportunities you may be interested in.
Our volunteers protected freedom of panorama, preventing your pictures from looking like this.


  • Partnership Lead - A volunteer leading the relationship with a partnership institution, can be within the organisation or outside of it
  • Advocacy - Involved in policy work and advocating for change supporting free knowledge
  • Speaker - Delivering a talk (eg: at a conference) for WMUK
  • Ambassador - Represents WMUK at conferences/events, but not as a speaker

Delivering and supporting events like the Royal Society of Chemisty editathon

Events & Project Delivery

  • Content contributor (Project) - Someone editing/uploading for a WMUK supported Wikimedia project
  • Event host - Contact at a host organisation who helps arrange an event
  • Event organiser - Organises the event
  • Event support- Helps with tasks such as moving equipment, preparing handouts etc
  • Lead trainer - Leads the training (see Training)
  • Trainer - Someone helping a lead trainer delivering training
  • Course leader - running a course at an educational institution
  • Course support - helping run a course at an educational institution
  • Photographer - Documents events

File:Federal Open Market Committee Meeting.jpg
Meetings and advice, though not required to the level illustrated above.

Governance & Planning

  • Committee member - Sitting on committees, linked to our board, or wider work (e.g. Evaluation_Panel)
  • Governance support - Gives qualified, relevant, and pro-bono advice
  • Office support - Helping with office tasks, eg: preparing packs for a conference or analysing a survey
  • Multimedia and comms support - Contributing to the newsletter, writing blog posts, etc
  • Technology - using the GLAM-Wiki toolset, importing into Wikidata, or writing tools