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This is page where you can find various jobs that would really help Wikimedia UK move forward. These jobs vary, some online, some based at specific locations, some with deadlines, others more open ended.


Finalise Wikimania wiki

It would be great if the Wikimania 2014 wiki could be a lasting record of all the great things that happened.

The to do list lists things that need doing, including adding videos and images and quite a bit of curation.

There is some discussion on the talk page, including whether or not it is reasonable to set a deadline.

Automated renaming of pages in dated series

Following a discussion at Engine room/2014#Naming of pages in dated series, there is a need for someone to rename a load of pages, ideally using a bot or similar.

There are pages with names like Agenda 29Jun10. It was decided that this was, for many people, less easy to read than the ISO8601 date format, specifically YYYY-MM-DD. The advantage of the ISO format is that it also makes AJAX search-box suggestions work well, letting people find the relevant items easily.

The various pages of format X DDMMMYY need to be moved to X YYYY-MM-DD. The old-format pages need to be redirects to the new pages, so that various links are not broken.

Update and improve Cultural_partnerships & Education

Our pages on cultural partnerships and education could really do with love. Updating the information, improving the layout and sprucing up the design of the page. We have done good work in these areas but we need to do better at telling the world about our successes and showing that story.


There are currently no suggestions for volunteer jobs where you need to be present in-person. Do you know of one? Please add it to the list.

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