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Wikidata turns three years old on 29 October 2015: d:Wikidata:Third Birthday/Party

Since 2012 the main achievements have been:

  • import of links and data from Wikipedias
  • creation of over 15 million data pages (exact number depends how you count sparse ones)
  • large array of gadgets and tools plus games supporting data entry work
  • many bots
  • expanded content policy (beyond topics occurring on a Wikipedia), e.g. in the areas of monuments, artworks, scientific papers
  • development of 2000 property definitions by the community
  • steady growth of statements at around 20 million additions annually (i.e. over 50,000 a day)
  • implementation of "scientific" numerical properties that are not dimensionless, i.e. with units
  • basic Wikidata query language, and now a SPARQL endpoint to use for more advanced searching
  • export in infobox style, supported by Lua code, and advent of "arbitrary access" (import can mix items, roughly speaking)
  • front end applications such as Reasonator, Histropedia, Inventaire, Musikipedia ...