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Background[edit | edit source]

In Brighton, there's an event called SkillSwap primarily intended for web designers and software developers to share skills and teach each other things. The idea of a Wikimedia skill swap would be an intensive one-day event for existing Wikimedia project contributors to share and learn things they haven't done before. It wouldn't just be people blathering on: everyone who attends has to participate. Each session would be 45m to 1h in length and would have one or two session leaders, plus 6-10 attendees. At the end of each session, there is some actual practical outcome on the wiki (etc.)

The idea is to take people out of their comfort zones: to get them to try a wiki they haven't participated on, or to do something they aren't used to.

Ideas of skill swap lessons[edit | edit source]

  • Writing GA reviews. In an hour, the group learns about GA and reviews a good article nomination.
  • Wikisource: learning how to get a poem or short story up on Wikisource.
  • Wikipedia Signpost: learn how to write for Signpost
  • Wikinews: learn how to write for Wikinews
  • Admin training: Wikipedia admins teach non-admins the skills necessary for adminship. Kind of a real life version of Wikipedia's admin coaching.
  • Dispute resolution skills: learn how to handle difficult situations on ANI or DRN.
  • Pimping your Wikipedia with JavaScript and CSS.
  • Tips on writing featured articles
  • SVG illustration with Inkscape

Sign up[edit | edit source]

What would you be interested in talking and learning about?