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DRAFT Job Description (Suggestions only, to be adapted individually to each project)

Job Title: Wikimedian in Residence (for background information see [1])

Hours: (depends on the set up)

Location: (ideally host institution's office)

Line Manager:

Salary: We suggest starting salary of £35,000 pro-rata (in line with the host institution's salary bands)

Pension: If applicable

Benefits: Bank holidays etc. - if applicable depending on the host organisation

Purpose of job: To facilitate and develop a sustainable relationship between XXXX, Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia community through a range of activities, both internal and public-facing. The main elements of the job will be outreach to experts and broad audiences linked to XXXX, advocacy about open knowledge, and support of improvement of the Wikimedia projects' content.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Managing a programme of activities: design and manage a programme of activities to improve collaboration between XXXX, Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia community - potentially leading to a sustainable relationship and joint projects in the future. Do this in collaboration with XXXX’s staff, partner organisations and volunteers from Wikimedia movement. Establish links between XXXX staff, Wikimedia volunteers and others, helping XXXX with Wikimedia volunteer engagement.
  • Engaging with Wikimedia community: help organise and host other Wikimedia related events for members of the public, Wikimedians, researchers, etc - such as workshops, editathons, meetups, backstage pass tours
  • Content improvement facilitation: work with staff to identify areas of Wikipedia and sister projects that could be enriched with resources and knowledge from the XXXX’s collections. Identify opportunities for content improvement/image releases. Support the delivery of possible media releases.
  • Content improvement facilitation (training) and possible editor recruitment: organise and host workshops for XXXX staff and volunteers to enable them to directly contribute their knowledge and expertise to develop Wikipedia articles. Provide training on Wikimedia editing, best practice and Wikimedia volunteer engagement.
    • Encourage and increase the direct participation of XXXX in the provision of content for Wikimedia projects, and encourage creation (and improvement) of Wikimedia projects relating to XXXX’s content.
  • Advocacy: be an advocate for open knowledge within XXXX, for example by providing advice on possible changes to XXXX’s policies (e.g. Access and Reuse of Digital Collections), systems or processes which would allow greater collaboration between Wikimedia UK and XXXX. Possibly create best practice documents as needed.
    • Share Wikimedia's values and act as an advocate for its mission and ethos.
  • Reporting: produce ongoing updates and a summary report on the outcomes of the residency.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to take on a range of tasks and to develop new skills, as appropriate, in own or other departments/directorates to support the delivery of the XXXX’s services as required by line management

Employee Specifications


  • Ability to teach and support those learning to use Wikipedia and its sister websites, including via organising events/workshops.
  • Ability to develop and maintain reporting systems and evaluation.
  • Ability to communicate in English clearly, both verbally and in writing to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Ability to work tactfully, sensitively and effectively, as part of the institution, the Wikimedian community and with a wide range of individuals.
  • Ability to prioritise workload and work under own initiative.
  • Basic numeracy.


  • An understanding of and empathy for Wikimedia UK's mission to help people and organisations build and preserve open knowledge to share and use freely. Understanding of the Wikimedia movement mission.
  • Good understanding of the activities and projects of XXXX and of the culture and aims of the relevant (e.g. GLAM, education) sector.
  • Understanding of issues related to copyright.


  • Experience of editing Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • Experience of working with the Wikimedia community.
  • Familiarity with basic office IT packages. Experience with open source software would be welcomed.
  • Experience of working effectively within an office environment, developing professional partnerships.
  • Experience of successfully meeting deadlines.
  • Experience of delivering training to others (desirable), including via running events.

Other Factors

  • Commitment to open knowledge, open source movement and transparent working practices.
  • Collaborative, team work attitude.

Equal Opportunities

  • An understanding of and commitment to Wikimedia UK's Equal Opportunities Policies in both services to members and employment.

Background information

Will be different for each institution
  • Equal Opportunities: XXXX has a commitment to achieving equality of opportunity in both services to our members and clients, and in the employment of people, and expects all employees and volunteers to understand and promote its policies in their own work.
  • Fire, Health and Safety: XXXX is committed to a healthy and safe working environment and expects all its employees to consider and integrate health and safety in all work activities.
  • Sustainable Development: XXXX is committed to the principles of sustainable development and all employees are expected, in so far as possible, to maintain work practices in line with the principles of sustainable development.
  • Continuing Professional Development: XXXX is committed to the continuing professional development of all its staff and volunteers. Employees are expected to develop learning plans in conjunction with their line manager in order to undertake training or other career development opportunities that they feel would develop their work and the operation of the Charity.
  • Data Protection: XXXX holds sensitive data on its members, volunteers, donors and those using its services. All employees are required to maintain an awareness of data protection responsibilities, and to execute all relevant duties with tact, discretion and due respect to confidentiality of clients, members and staff.