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This is a draft for discussion. Please don't treat it as final

Propose a session for the Wikipedia Science Conference

Note that the conference will feature a large unconference block, so even if your proposed session is not accepted, it will be possible to shape the conference just by turning up.

Note: You need to log in (or create an account here) in order to submit a proposal.

Entering your title in the box below and filling in the pro-forma will create a public submission on this wiki.

Notes for speakers

  • The audience will include some non-scientists, non-coders, and experts from outside your specialism, so please bear this in mind. If you want the audience to work with you on technical detail, it is fine to use your session to ask them to join you in an unconference group.
  • The conference centre is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and internet for slides, video, live demos etc.
  • Any speakers using original presentation materials will be expected to make them available openly and under a free licence for sharing on Wikimedia Commons. Free licences include Attribution (CC-BY), Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA), and No Rights Reserved (CC 0). If non-free material is needed to make your point, then go ahead, but inform the conference organisers that this slide/ video/ other material is an exception.


  • End of February: CFP made public and disseminated
  • 8th May: deadline for submissions
  • 22nd May: Deadline for feedback
  • End of May: Final programme decided and announced