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The unconference will put the conference programme in the hands of the delegates. Of course, we have some rules so that it doesn't descend into chaos. The rules will be explained at the start of the session, but the basic idea is that a notice board is used to co-ordinate who is doing what, where.

You can come up with ideas for sessions during the conference. Because the unconference goes through cycles, you can even come up with an idea during one cycle and do it on the next. However, there is no harm in thinking about it in advance. Is there a topic you think needs discussing? If there something you would like to demonstrate or see demonstrated? The unconference approach will allow you to find people interested in the same thing.

If you want to discuss an idea, feel free to drop a message on the talk page. Discussing ideas in advance is definitely not required - the option is just there for if you want it.

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