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Also see: Draft best practice guidelines for PR.

Blog posts

In chronological order:

Phil Gomes – Open Letter to Wikipedia, 4th January 2012.

Stuart Bruce – Wikipedia and PR have got to work it out (and on the Conversation), 4th January 2012.

Philip Sheldrake – Reputation and Wikipedia (and on the Conversation), 6th January 2012.

Julio Romo – PR and Wikipedia: working towards a transparent relationship (and on the Conversation), 7th January 2012.

Stephen Waddington – Not all PRs are rogues, 9th January 2012.

Peter Himler – Wikipedia & PR: Friend or Foe?, 10th January 2012.

Paul Wilkinson – Wikipedia, PR and CSR (and on the Conversation), 10th January 2012.

Tim Ireland – The PR Transparency Project – Part 1: making an example of Tim Bell, 16th January 2012.

Neville Hobson - Closing the chasm between PR and Wikipedia, 19th April 2012.

Neville Hobson - Wikipedia and public relations, 13th May 2012.

Paul Wilkinson – Straddling the Wikipedia-PR divide, 13th May 2012.

Philip Sheldrake – Reputation and Wikipedia, Part II (and on the Conversation), 14th May 2012.

Neville Hobson – Your time, your place, your opportunity (and on the Conversation), 14th May 2012.

Stephen Waddington - Cross PR industry support for Wikipedia consultation, 16th May 2012.

Heather Baker - THIS is what industry bodies should be doing, 19th May 2012.

Paul Wilkinson - Wikipedia: take an interest, but be disinterested (and on the Conversation), 19th June 2012.

Paul Wilkinson - Wikipedia 101: The Basics, 22nd June 2012.

Philip Sheldrake - Version 1 of Wikipedia guidance for PR practitioners (and on the Conversation), 27th June 2012.

Paul Wilkinson - CIPR Publishes Wikipedia Best Practice Guidelines, 27th June 2012.

Stephen Waddington - Guest post: PRs and Wikipedia by Wikipedian Tom Morris (and on the Conversation), 27th June 2012.

Neville Hobson - The journey begins: guidance from the CIPR on PR and Wikipedia published, 27th June 2012.

Mark Pack - Wikipedia Guidance for PR Professionals, 27th June 2012.

Stuart Bruce - Can CIPR Wikipedia help with a real life problem with a Wikipedia entry?, 27th June 2012.

Amanda Aiello (CW Observer/IABC blog) CIPR provides guidelines for PR and Wikipedia, 27th June 2012.

Emma Kent (10 Yeti's PR Blog) - PRs and Wikipedia- What You Need to Know, 27th June 2012.

Stuart Bruce - Commschat on CIPR Wikipedia guidance, 4th July 2012.

In the media

Tip: it seems that some links to require log-in. If you don't subscribe to PR Week (and perhaps it's not at the top of most Wikipedians reading list!), search for the article headline in Google and follow the Google search result. appears to let people in when coming from Google. Another method is to read Brand Republic, or subscribe to one of its RSS feeds. This publication aggregates much content from other titles owned by the publisher, Haymarket, including PR Week.

In chronological order:

Wikipedia probes edits by Bell Pottinger (may require log-in), Tim Bradshaw and Jim Pickard, Financial Times, 7th December 2011.

Wikipedia founder attacks Bell Pottinger for 'ethical blindness', David Pegg and Oliver Wright, The Independent, 8th December 2011.

Wikipedia investigates PR firm Bell Pottinger's edits, Dave Lee, BBC, 8th December 2011.

Lord Bell accepts Jimmy Wales' offer of ethical Wikipedia editing guidance, Matt Cartmell, PR Week, UK, 9th December 2011.

Call for transparency as agencies slam Bell Pottinger's Wikipedia use, Sara Luker, PR Week, UK, 15th December 2011.

Portland welcomes CIPR's plans to work with Wikipedia on industry guidelines, Matt Cartmell, PR Week, UK, 12th January 2012.

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and Chime's Lord Bell in editing row, Kate Magee, PR Week, UK, 17th January 2012.

CIPR must set bar high on Wikipedia code, Danny Rogers, PR Week, UK, 18th January 2012.

Wikipedia: Friend or Foe? (may require log-in), Kate Magee, PR Week, UK, 2nd February 2012.

PR: If You Want to Understand Wikipedia, Become a Wikipedian, Jane Wilson, CIPR CEO, Huffington Post, 15th May 2012.

CIPR calls for feedback on PR guidelines about Wikipedia use (may require log-in), John Owens, PR Week, UK, 16th May 2012.

CIPR tells members not to edit clients' Wikipedia pages (may require log-in), Sara Luker, PR Week, UK, 27th June 2012.

CIPR hails new guidance for Wikipedia use, Catherine Robinson, CorpComms magazine, 27th June 2012.

Don't Edit Wikipedia Says Top UK PR Body, Rob A.L. Brown (a member of the CIPR Social Media panel), Huffington Post, 27th June 2012.

PR professionals receive guidance on Wikipedia, Molly Pierce, Communicate Magazine, 27th June 2012.

Wikipedia unveils guidance for PR professionals using the site, Staff Writer, The Drum, 27th June 2012.

Report: PR pros should not edit their client’s Wikipedia entries , Michael Sebastian, Ragan's PR Daily, 27th June 2012.

PR firms warned about dangers of editing Wikipedia pages, Business Supplement, The Irish Independent, 28th June 2012.

PR firms urged not to edit Wikipedia, Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 28th June 2012.

Wikipedia Comms Chief Welcomes CIPR Stance On Editing Client Pages, Arun Sudhaman, The Holmes Report, 28th June 2012.

CIPR Says PR Pros Shouldn't Be Editing Wikipedia, Tonya Garcia, PRNewser, 28th June 2012.

How PR people should behave on Wikipedia, Tasha Pert, PRMoment, 3th July 2012.

Should PR Representatives Be Allowed to Edit Wikipedia?, Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer, 5th July 2012.

Bureau of Investigative Journalism

In Video: The Bell Pottinger executives filmed, 4th December 2011.

Bell Pottinger targeted campaigner on Wikipedia, 8th December 2011.

Wikipedia projects / initiatives

The Wikipedia:WikiProject_Cooperation was started 10th January 2012 and "facilitates collaboration with editors paid to edit Wikipedia. We provide education and outreach to public relations and marketing professionals, freelance editors, and employees working on assignments from their employers. The project is intended to support ethical, transparent paid editors that opt-in to collaborative efforts to meet Wikipedia's encyclopedic goals, serve the public's interest and avoid even the perception of impropriety."

Discussion Groups

Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE) on Facebook.


Measuring Public Relations Wikipedia Engagement, Marcia W. DiStaso, Ph.D, Public Relations Journal Vol. 6, No. 2, ISSN 1942-4604.

(The discussion page on this wiki about this paper is here: Measuring Public Relations Wikipedia Engagement)

CIPR Guidance

CIPR Social Media Guidance.

CIPR statements

CIPR to work with Wikipedia on clear guidance for PR profession, 6th January 2012.

Wikimedia UK hosts CIPR guidance for PR, 15th May 2012.

Other industry body statements

PRSA - PRSA Statement on Wikipedia Guidelines, 27th June 2012.


CIPR TV show about the guidance, with David Gerard and Philip Sheldrake, 20th June 2012.

Wikimedia UK links

Measuring Public Relations Wikipedia Engagement discussion of Distaso's research

Wikipedia info

Wikipedia's five pillars.

Wikipedia simple guidelines for PR representatives.

The Plain and Simple Conflict of Interest Guide.