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Wikiqu is a new edutech project, the successor to Wikisoba. It was launched on 20 February at the Education Summit.

Executive summary[edit | edit source]

Qu stands for "question", and probably for other things such as "quiz". Questions are to be treated as data, and basic technology such as Lua programming transferred from the Wikidata context, so as to render questions onto MediaWiki pages, from a question database that is a wiki.

This approach allows multiple applications, and has the security advantages of a system where the processing of answers is done server-side.

User-generated content[edit | edit source]

You can submit a multiple-choice question to Wikiqu here. Caveat: this link is an external site, and should not be used if you are editing from a sensitive IP.

So far, this is a pilot only. A first major step will be to scale up: to make a similar link available, to logged-in users who want it, all over Wikipedia. Questions submitted are already stored, in an XML format.

Rendering questions in MediaWiki[edit | edit source]

A second major part of the project will be to display questions on MediaWiki pages. This cannot be done on Wikipedia, so far, because of constraints on the use of databases this way. Going forward, this issue will be addressed by use of a Wikibase site, co-existing with the XML storage.