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Notable members of the GSoA Honour Roll - In a nutshell

  • Where?: Glasgow School of Art Library, Level 1 computer lab
  • When?: Friday 18 September
  • Point of contact: Jocelyn Grant, Glasgow School of Art Archives J.Grant@gsa.ac.uk
  • Twitter: @wikimediauk
  • Cost: Free
Join us for the event!

About the event

There are a number of women the Honour Roll of Glasgow School of Art who are unrepresented on Wikipedia. This event will seek to redress that balance, using resources from the Glasgow School of Art Archives. This full day event will begin with a training session run by Sara Thomas, Wikimedian in Residence at Museums Galleries Scotland. Sara will train all attendees in how to edit Wikipedia, and will be on hand throughout the day to offer advice and support. After lunch, we will create new, and improve existing articles relating to women on the Honour Roll of Glasgow School of Art.

Attendees should remember that when creating a new article, you should be able to write at least 250 words, and reference at least 2-3 external sources.

How do I prepare?


  • 10 am - Introduction & training
  • 1.30 pm (approx) Lunch
  • 2pm - Editathon


Sara Thomas (trainer)

Content created & further outcomes

There were 10 participants (80% female), of which 9 were new users.

13 new articles were created:

12 existing articles were improved:

More information

You may find these useful if you want to learn further about editing:

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