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Proposed structure for a working group set up to help with WMUK's work, created for the July 2015 AGM.

Members (can be flexible): Volunteers, project coordinators (staff)

Reporting to: CEO, Evaluation panel


  • To act as a focal point for working groups for specific programmes;
  • To act as a conduit for a broad base of interested parties, including non-Wikimedians with relevant expertise;
  • To provide advice in connection with the groups' areas of interest, including specialist and technical advice;
  • To provide assistance with project incubation;
  • To engage and support our community, and to encourage and develop volunteer participation;
  • To develop and grow our network of contacts and volunteers.

Working groups should be open, welcoming, and entirely flexible as to membership. They can be formed whenever a group of volunteers thinks that working in a focused way would be useful or interesting. Members needn't be subject specialists, but should have a common interest in some area of work, and a desire to work with the charity and other volunteers towards a common aim. The group itself would define that aim, and could change it whenever they wanted. Groups would normally be permanent, unless some volunteers wanted to set up a temporary group for some time-limited task.

One obvious working group would be tech/software, but there may be any number of others if there is sufficient volunteer enthusiasm - eg GLAM, education, expert outreach, training, advocacy, press and communications, photography, website/wiki development.