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Here is some useful information for people attending the fundraising summit.

Phone numbers

  • Thomas Dalton - 07717067782 (intl: +447717067782)
  • Steve Virgin - 07795031935 (intl: +447795031935), if no answer sent a text message. Voicemail at 01179654041 (intl: +441179654041) will be checked periodically. Steve has a car so if something goes wrong and you need a lift, call him.


Everything is within easy walking distance of everything else except for HP Labs. We will be arranging taxis between the hotel and HP Labs at the beginning and end of the Friday session. If you are arriving during the day on Friday, please try and get yourself there. If you get lost, give Steve a call.

HP Labs (venue for Friday):

Long Down Avenue
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8QZ

Watershed (venue for Saturday and Sunday - that is a change of plan, but it's a good one, since it is closer to the hotel and just as good):

1 Canon's Road,

Radisson Blu hotel:

Broad Quay
Bristol BS1 4BY

Evening activities


Nothing planned. Congregate in the Radisson Blu hotel lobby and we'll get some dinner somewhere.


After the Conference session ends at 6pm, taxis have been arranged by HP Labs to take delegates back from HP Labs to town, near to both the hotel and where the boat leaves from (which is very close to Radisson hotel if people want to get changed or drop off bags). This 2 hour round trip along the river is an opportunity to see some of the best of Bristol and also includes drinks and dinner all free, courtesy of HP Labs' sponsorship. There will be a number of local dignitaries from HP Labs, Bristol City Council, the Open Source community, schools, community initiatives and the Universities in the City. They are interested in an exchange of ideas and in building closer ties with Wikimedia, therefore they'd be interested in hearing more about what Wikimedia is doing around the world. They'd also want to take the opportunity to explain what they are doing in terms of innovation, education, technology etc.. There should be lots of interesting conversation. Wikimedia UK is looking to build closer links with potential content donors in a town that is a thriving media, innovation and technology hub. Your experience and help in building closer links will prove invaluable.

Be sure to thank HP Labs and the Council for their sponsorship of the summit!


We will be staying at Watershed to eat (although the hotel is very close if people want to go back and return later), where Bristol City Council are providing a bar tab. We have also invited any Wikimedians in Bristol to come and meet everyone. We're hoping to kick-start some regular meetups in Bristol.


Time Friday Saturday Sunday
1000 Post-mortem Fundraising Agreement (Each stakeholder presents their views in turn, without interruption) Best practices and cultivations
1130 Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins)
1200 Post-mortem Fundraising Agreement (general discussion) Best practices and cultivation cont./Technology
1300 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1400 Brainstorming fundraising ideas/Finalising agenda Fundraising agreement (general discussion) Home time
1530 Coffee-break (15 mins) Coffee-break (15 mins)
1600 CiviCRM tutorial Fundraising agreement (finalise outline ready for drafting)