2012 Activity Plan/Digitization

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We will support the digitization and release under an open license of cultural content, particularly where this content will be used in Wikipedia and on Wikimedia Commons. We will aim to have 4,000 culturally significant media files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in 2012.



Budget responsibility


Timetable for activities

Date Amount Description
May 2012 £5,000 'War Art' at the National Archives
Q4 2012 £1,000 Digitising WWI content (Contact Richard Symonds/Andrew Gray)
Q4 2012 £2,500 'Images of Canada'
Q4 2012 £? Further funding of National Archives work

Success Criteria

  • That an appropriate collection(s) is/are found.
  • That suitable equipment and facilities are provided.
  • That agreed targets for the timescale and scope of the work are agreed.
  • That this is monitored and achieved.
  • That cost-effective digitization is achieved
  • That this project leads to a significant amount of pre-existing digitised content being made freely available.


  • Medium risk: That the targets are too ambitious.
  • Medium risk: That partner organisations misunderstand the implications of releasing digitized content via the Wikimedia projects.
  • Medium risk: That WMUK's contribution towards the digitization efforts are not suitably acknowledged.
  • High risk: That an insufficient number of works are released under a free license compared with the donated funds that have been expended on digitizing them.


See commons:Category:War art in The National Archives (United Kingdom), (??? WMUK corresponding category for documents that it has funded the digitization of?)