2012 Activity Plan/Extended Reach programme

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To support outreach projects in Scotland, Ireland or Wales, or aimed at increasing womens' participation in the Wikimedia movement, or involving any minority ethnic or linguistic community in the UK, which might not otherwise be funded.



Up till December 2012 this has been spent to mainly support our Outreach activities in Wales. There have also been several events in Scotland, focusing on women outreach and Black Culture, estimated at at most £500 each (to cover all the volunteer expenses and related costs, like catering, venue costs).

There are no further Extended Reach events planned at the moment for December-February. There is a capacity though to run 1-3 of such event, hence costing £1,500. The remaining £3,000 that is in the budget could be spent on Extended Reach type WIR applications (there is one from Black Cultural Archives, and one from The Women's Library). This could be budgeted once the WIRs are selected, before the end of December 2012.

Budget responsibility

Board and office.

Timetable for activities

Throughout year

Success Criteria
  • An events programme is created that offers a variety of activities from entry to expert level.
  • The programme succeeds in reaching specific numbers of people in target categories.
  • The participants continue their volunteering with Wikimedia UK and are still active n months after the events.
  • That participants receive structured and informal follow-up support.
  • That membership of Wikimedia UK grows by n reflecting our target groups and areas.
  • Poor quality activities deter new volunteers.
  • That the community fails to reach out to under-represented groups.