2012 Activity Plan/Grant to Wikimedia Foundation

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We will provide a grant to the Wikimedia Foundation for their activities that are charitable under UK law. This will support the cost of the servers which keep Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia Foundation projects running, as well as the other activities of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia is a global movement and Wikimedia UK also contributes, via the Foundation, towards the growth of the Wikimedia movement in the Global South.



Budget responsibility


Timetable for activities

Date Amount (GBP) Amount (USD) Conversion rate
15 February 2010 £300,000.00 $468,330.00 1.5611
20 March 2010 £200,000.00 $314,840.00 1.57420
Total £500,000.00 $783,170.00 1.56634

Success Criteria

£500,000 transferred to Wikimedia Foundation, and the WMF acknowledging receipt

The funds have been received and acknowledged by Christine Bocknek at WMF finance department.

WMF to provide evidence of expenditure according to UK charity law via their 2012 annual report.

Risks and mitigation approaches

  1. Fund transfers are lost en route to the WMF and end up being paid to other parties.
    Low risk. WMUK has been using small-amount transfers to the WMF (such as reimbursements for hotel room bookings) to ensure that the large-amount transfers to fund grants will go be carried out without problems. In addition, WMUK has been actively confirming receipt of funds with the WMF. To date, all funds transferred to the WMF have had their receipt confirmed.
  2. WMF does not expend granted funds on UK charitable activities, or double-counts expenditure that relates to charitable expenditure for multiple countries that are providing the WMF with grants.
    Medium risk. WMUK has been keeping track of WMF's expenditure of the funds provided to ensure that this does not happen. In particular, the evidence that this has not occurred will be provided via the WMF's 2012 annual report.
  3. WMF does not spend funds in a timely manner, but instead it holds them in reserve for future years
    Medium risk. WMUK is following WMF reserve levels to ensure that reserved funds are adequately justified, and that any funds held in reserve are spent in accordance with WMUK's charitable purposes.