2012 Activity Plan/Outreach Events

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We will hold at least 3 smaller GLAM-Wiki events during 2012. Costs include venue hire, travel and accommodation for speakers, refreshments. Target attendance of 100 through the year. £20,000 was transferred to this budget from the 'Technical development to support cultural outreach' budget at the board meeting on 28 March - this is, in part, in order to fund the ongoing Monmouthpedia project.



Monmouthpedia budget (one of the events)

  • QRpedia codes - Prototypes all created. Some tweaks required. Costs vary from 20 pounds to 30p.each Assuming 85 ceramic plaques = 85*20 = 1700 pounds. Total est bill for all codes is <. 2000 pounds if we get all the codes installed by volunteers.
  • Wifi - is likely to cost (my guesstimate) 50-70K. I think WMUK should offer a contribution towards this cost. I don't anticipate we can agree this by email but you can think about this. The reason why we should consider contributing is because this is novel and we have inspired this expense. We may never pay towards another WiFi again but we should do in this case because it our first collaboration with this outcome. We should do this on the proviso that the Wifi remains free, unrestricted and without advertising or exploitation. (I believe we can get agreement to this). Running costs are c. 6K pa and I recommend that we allow the taxpayers to pay for this).
  • T -Shirts - estimated at 200 times 6 pounds.(we have schools involved!) =1200 pounds
  • Postcards, Street banners, badges, bookmarks etc. - estimate 1,000 pounds
  • Videos - est. 3 * 500 pounds = 1500
  • John's time should cost another 2K (We should also allow (1 K for receipted expenses)
  • Travelling expenses for Wikipedians like Harry, WSC, Rexx to travel on a day trip to Monmouth to help est. 10 times 70 pounds *(petrol plus day rate) = 700 pounds
  • B&B for Wikipedians of necessary 200 pounds (probably free in most cases)
  • Travelling expense for Llewellyn2000 (welsh language expert) 4 * 70 pounds = c. 300
  • Street banners - 12 times A2 print est. 600 pounds (will get lost in MCC is predict)
  • Victuallers - 8 times 200 miles travel and refresh etc - 1K
  • Send John Cummings to Wikimania - 1K - (He has applied for a grant but we should not take the chance of him failing to qualify - He does have his name on a paper to present)
  • This adds up to 11-12K pounds plus WiFi contribution. We have spent c. 2,000 so far
  • I would allow 15K plus Wifi contribution.

(From Victuallers, 7 March)

Other plans

Several other GLAM projects were supported, such as backstage passes. No major events planned for the rest of the financial year.

Budget responsibility


Timetable for activities

Throughout the year

Success Criteria

That the events represent a breadth of interest and diversity.

That they attract a brand broad profile of participants.

That they are integrated into the broader programme of outreach events.

That budgets are agreed and monitored.


That the events are all too similar.

That the events fail to reach new parts of the community.

That the budgets are not monitored and assessed for value.