2012 Activity Plan/Outreach merchandise & publications

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Covers everything from "Introduction to Wikipedia" booklets to pin badges and Wikipedia cakes. This type of material is essential for a number of programmes. We have been able to source merchandise that is of sufficient quality that we can avoid importing material. Having this sourced locally means that we do not have to carry a large stock but we can re-order just in time. The office would like to know what you think would be useful, so please feel free to comment on the talk page, or contact Daria on daria.cybulskaatwikimedia.org.uk.

Some pictures of the merchandise already available can be found on Commons.



This budget has been spend within the 2011-2012 financial year to cover a variety of materials. If any further materials are needed before February 2013 the costs may be allocated from other budget streams providing an approval from the CE. He would check the spend with the board if the one off cost is over a certain amount.

Budget responsibility

Office - in particular Daria Cybulska.

Timetable for activities

Merchandise available throughout the year. Special requests fulfilled provided enough notice is given.

Success Criteria

Merchandise popular and reflects the UK community's wishes. Amount sufficient to cover key events.


Materials/stock not managed well. To remedy this the stock is now looked into by Richard Nevell.