2012 Activity Plan/Technical development to support cultural outreach

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With international partners, we will develop technical tools (via the Toolserver or MediaWiki development) to support content donations by partner organisations and assess their impact. This item is reliant on cross chapter collaboration with Wikimedia France, Netherlands and Germany and a potential partner in Europeana. This project is meant to remove the bottleneck to expansion of Wikimedia Commons because of its inability to load large quantities of files from GLAMs. £20,000 was transferred from this budget to the GLAM Outreach budget at the board meeting on 28 March - this is, in part, in order to fund the ongoing Monmouthpedia project.



Budget responsibility

Fae with developers and volunteers.

Timetable for activities

Starting in June 2012. Will be paid in quarterly £20k tranches.

Success Criteria
  • Tool created on-budget and to reasonable timetable.
  • Grant paid as such.
  • Tool being used to effect by specified number of people.
  • Specified number of images being transferred.
  • There is no central understanding of what s meant to be achieved.
  • Project gets stuck in the bureaucratic mud.
  • The finance is dissipated through poor management.
  • There is no central management amongst the partners leading to drift