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We will supporting the Wikimedia Toolserver, run by Wikimedia Deutschland, which is widely used by the Wikimedia community to enable automated editing, statistics and other tools to keep Wikipedia running smoothly. Although this service may be taken over centrally by the Foundation, it has been shown that there will be a need for this valuable service for the next two years.



Also £10,000 carried over from the 2011 budget.

Budget responsibility



Date Description Amount (GBP) Amount (EUR) Conversion rate
8 February 2012 2011 contribution £10,000 €11,880.00 1.1880
20 March 2012 2012 contribution £10,000 €11,908.00 1.1908
Total -- £20,000 €23,788.00 1.1894

Success Criteria

  • Toolserver continues to operate effectively.
  • Toolserver continues to offer value for money through productive programming and support.
  • Funding transferred safely.
  • Good relations maintained with WMDE.
  • Transition of these services to Foundation servers undertaken smoothly.

Risks and responses

  • That the Toolserver becomes inaccessible
    Low risk. Community to ensure that the toolserver continues to be accesssible, and to follow up on downtime
  • That the Toolserver is not responsive to requirements
    Medium risk. WMUK staff, trustees and community to keep track of, and flag when and why the toolserver becomes unresponsive. WMUK trustees to decide whether additional funding is required to ensure reliability.
  • That the Toolserver is superceded by the Wikimedia Foundation Labs project
    Medium risk. WMUK staff and trustees to follow the development of the WMF project and the Toolserver to ensure that Wikimedia volunteers are supported adequately, and that facilities do not become unduly centralised.