2012 Activity Plan/University outreach events

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Includes Freshers Fair stalls, Campus Ambassador training events, and other activity with staff & students, including associated volunteer expenses. This year we have trialled a presence at fresher fairs with good results. We need to scale this idea so that we could have a presence at most of the major UK universities next year. At Bristol we also paid for a Wikipedian in residence to investigate the opportunities for academic partnership. We would repeat this elsewhere if we could find another leading educational institution who was willing to champion our cause by use of Campus Ambassadors (or similar.)


£20,000 This has supported minor events throughout the year, including activities by two Wikipedia University Societies (Imperial College and Cambridge). Throughout summer the budget funded two Interns working in the Wikimedia UK office.

The remaining underspend (as for December 2012, £6,000) could be part covering the Train the Trainer session in February 2013, or building up the materials to support the events in 2013 (e.g. the successful Education Brochure). Another opportunity is to use the funds to support the education focused WIR applications that we have had recently (see (on office wiki)).

Budget responsibility

Martin Poulter

Timetable for activities

Throughout the year.

Success Criteria
  • Agreed plan published that maintains interest and develops new ground.
  • That there is a defined budget.
  • That a range of institutions are selected and co-operate.
  • Becomes too disparate to deliver lasting benefits.
  • Does not embrace a wide enough range of institutions and project partners.