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Combining our Annual General Meeting with a series of presentations about the Wikimedia projects and chapter activities, following up on WikiConference UK 2011. This is an opportunity for the chapter to celebrate the past year and to realise the enthusiasm from a new board of trustees. Our 2012 AGM will be a change as the current board includes project leaders where we may be looking for trustees to guide the strategy of our Chief Executive.



Description Amount
Venue hire £2,592.00
Catering £1,228.52
Travel expenses for speakers ca. £200
Gifts for speakers ca. £150
Materials - stationery incl. gift bags for Wikimedians of the Year ca. £250
Total ca. 4,420.52
Budget responsibility

Chair and Chief Executive

Timetable for activities

May 12th 2012

Success Criteria
  • Significant number of Wikimedia UK members and supporters attend.
  • Good programme of discussions and presentations.
  • Participants feel they have had a good day and are encouraged to continue volunteering.
  • Comes in on budget.
  • Arrangements on day inadequate.
  • Over-budget.
  • Lack of purpose and harmony amongst attendees.