2012 Activity Plan/Wikipedians in Residence

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We will part-fund Wikipedian in Residence positions. The number of positions will depend on negotiations with partner institutions about how a Wikipedian in Residence fits with their organisation and how much funding they will make available.



Budget responsibility
Being managed through office pending decision on new holder
Timetable for activities
  • British Library WIR: May 2012 for 6 months - AHRC sponsored with event funding possible from WMUK to cover some event expenses.
  • MonmouthpediA: Outreach/ambassador placement active through Spring and Summer 2012 - Council sponsored.

  • The National Archives: WIR was under discussion throughout the 2012, but has not progressed.
  • Museums Galleries Scotland: Coordinator was being discussed but it has not moved forward. If successful could come under the GLAM Scotland budget.

  • A big recruitment drive in November/December 2012 to encourage applications: more information on office wiki or here. WIth successful recruitment drive, the hope is to spend at least half of the budget before the end of the financial year.

Success Criteria
  • That good quality WiRs are selected.
  • That a clear programme of activities is established and delivered in consultation with their hosts.
  • That they report regularly about their activities.
  • That they are unable to bridge their host community, the Wikimedia UK community and the general population.
    Countermeasure: Support the GLAM network with shared case studies, workshopping and mobilize support as needed for key points in the most visible projects.
  • That funding will not be scalable as demand increases.
    Countermeasure: Build relationships with significant independent funding bodies.