2012 Activity Plan/World Wars I and II project

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A project involving at least 3 major partner institutions to enhance Wikimedia projects' coverage of these two conflicts, with a particular aim of building engagement about the forthcoming World War I Centenary.



Budget responsibility

Chris Keating

Timetable for activities


  • WWI editathon on 16 June 2012.
  • Followup events feasible for September and November.
  • Could work on having a WIR relating to this in 2013.
Success Criteria
  • Identify partner organisations that will deliver the project.
  • Identify shared success criteria.
  • Identify staff resources needed to support the work.
  • Create a clear budget and monitor it.
  • Becomes too diverse to deliver a clear outcome.
Budget allocation

Only expenditure committed as at 9 Jun 2012 is towards the Editathon, and the only cost there is travel/subsistence for participants as JISC are co-funding it. Estimate £1,000 given that some participants will require travel and overnight accomodation.

This FY we can expect a further 2 similar Editathon events, allow £2,000 for each as they will probably involve more travel and venue hire.

£6,000 for a high-quality digitisation of a high-priority public domain resource.

Leaving £19,000 for opportunities yet to be identified. It is possible that this will be moved forward to 2013, where we may be able to work on having a WWI-focused WIR.