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Comment This document is a work in progress that will evolve over the course of the year. Please suggest improvements on the talk page, or make changes to this page directly.

The 2012 Activity Plan includes £10,000 for board costs, with budget responsibility being with Andrew Turvey. The description of the budget reads:

The WMUK board does most of its work by email and phone, however some face to face meetings are needed to ensure that the right strategic decisions are made;, the board works together well etc. The costs here comprise travel, meals, space for the meetings and accommodation. We are grateful for support in 2011 in the form of free or subsidised meeting locations at the British Library, Birmingham Business Park and Derby Museum, we hope to continue to receive similar support but to be prudent we are not budgeting for similar support in the future. Our current board live in a compact triangle with corners at Bristol, Manchester and London, but this may not be the case with the new board. If we do manage to get active membership in Scotland or Ireland then we may need to pay for flights for our face to face meetings. We will also be paying for training and support as we work towards levels 1 and 2 of the PQASSO benchmarking system.

This page sets out the breakdown of the budget for the specific projects it supports. It is a working document that will evolve over time.

Overview of the budget breakdown
Project Amount
In-person board meetings £5,000
Telephone board meetings £200
Exec meetings £680
AGM £350
Wikimania £4,000
PQASSO £2750
Trustee training £1750
Total: £14,730

In-person board meetings

There are four planned in-person Board meetings per year, which last for 2 days. Estimated costs:

  • Travel: average of £50/person, 7 trustees, £350
  • Accommodation: £60/person, 7 trustees, £420
  • Catering: estimate of £30/person (two lunches, one evening meal), 7 trustees, £210
  • Room booking: estimate £300 for 2 days (low? high if venue hire is donated in kind?)

Total per meeting: £1280. Round to £1,250. Hence total for four meetings is £5,000.

Telephone board meetings

Paid for centrally. Crude estimate of £50/meeting (how accurate is this?). 4 calls over the year, hence £200.

Exec meetings

Assuming these continue. Combination of calls and in-person one-day meetings. Estimate of £20 per call, 3x£50=£150 for travel for in-person meetings. 4 calls, 4 in-person meetings, hence total of (4*20+4*150=)£680


We cover the costs of all existing trustees traveling to the AGM. Estimate of £50 per person, 7 trustees, total cost is £350. Assumes no overnight stays.

Chapters Meeting

In Berlin each year. Assuming two trustees, and a cost per trustee of £400 (circa £200 on the flight, £150 on accommodation, £50 on other local costs), total is £800.


In Washington DC this year. Assume 4 trustees attending, cost of £1000 each (including flights, accommodation, local costs). Hence total is £4000.


Professional support to attain PQASSO accreditation. Agreed by email. £2,750 for an estimated 5.5 professional days.

Trustee training

Estimate of £200 per person for the training, £50 for travel. Total of £250 per trustee. Multiplied by 7 trustees, £1750.