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This reports spending against various sub budget areas within the 'Developer Support' budget, including details of any agreed variance. Financial information will be updated on the last working day of each month. Please contact katherine.bavage@wikimedia.org.uk if you would like a more up-to-date version before then.



Budget responsibility

Mike Peel

Budget details

The Developer support budget was agreed to facilitate the Chapter's formal management of System Administration duties using contractor time and supportive security solutions to develop robust and secure systems for storing and processing data. It is also intended to support more broadly creative development work, creating and improving software solutions in response to demand from the wider Wikimedia community, and to further the charity's objects in delivering the Wikimedia mission.

Description Amount Notes
Contract Development Work £xxx You can view a report breakdown of contractor hours here
Domain Names £xxx You can view details of domains the charity manages here
SSL Certificates £xxx Options for SSL were presented here
Hardware £xxx A hard drive for physical backups was aquired
Contractor travel £xxx Travel costs relating to contractor work for the charity
Professional advice and training £xxx Expertise in respect of establishing and managing secure systems
Volunteer travel £xxx Travel costs to support volunteer time supporting this work area.
Volunteer expenses/per diems £xxx Expenses or per diem costs for volunteer time supporting this work area.
Agreed variance £xxx Spend not originally anticipated under the broad sub-budget headings above but nevertheless necessary and within agreed purposes of budget area. Approved by the Board if more than £500 as per the chapter's Finance Policy and approved by the budget holder if less.
Total £xxxx

Success Criteria
  • Example
  • We cannot meet capacity for the tasks needing to be undertaken.
  • Two contractors may not be able to cooperate.
  • They leave at short notice to pursue more lucrative contracts.