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IT Development
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The Service portfolio represents a complete list of the services managed by Wikimedia UK; some of these services are visible to the public, while others are not. The 'Catalogue' section describes services currently managed by WMUK; the 'Pipeline' section describes those that will be managed by WMUK soon.


Wikis @EE

Blogs @EE

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) @CM

Payment solutions @EE


  • CiviCRM (membership and donor database)


Internal services

Domain names @TM

  • (redirect; to be depreciated)
  • (active host)
  • (active redirect)
  • (active redirect)
  • (DNS points towards WMF servers)
  • (active redirect; email accounts hosted)
  • (redirect)
  • (active redirect)
  • (active host)

Security @TM

  • * SSL certificate
  • * SSL certificate

Servers @TM



Payment solutions

  • Integration of gift aid?
  • Integration of direct debits?
  • PAYE?

Domain names


  • Etherpad (having both 'public' and 'private' (password-protected) versions of these would be very useful.)
  • h2vx (conversion of hcalendars to ical, version which Google calendars can access, e.g. used on Events)
  • Add IPv6 support for all our servers and services