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Following on from the success of the 2010 GLAM Conference run in the UK WMUK is keen to host another major international event, this time in cooperation with the British Library. This budget will allow for venue costs, supporting the travel of speakers, the attendance of delegates from the international volunteer community and extra staffing to arrange and organise the event.

Our GLAM work has developed and matured considerably since the last conference and been picked up internationally. This conference will enable the sharing of good practice and the development of new ideas.

The conference was originally scheduled for Autumn 2012 but capacity did not allow it to happen. It was instead replaced by a GLAMcamp in September 2012.



Budget responsibility

John Byrne

This is a draft budget to help us plan for the conference. GLAM WIKI 2013 consultant pay was budgeted from the GLAM WIKI 2012 stream.

GLAM-WIKI conference Total budget 20,000  
Catering [1] Friday 1,800 Tea break x2 and basic lunch (with tea) for 150 people.
Catering Saturday 2,475 Tea break x2 and basic lunch (with tea), staff cost at £15/h for 3-4 staff for 7-9 hours.
Catering Sunday Within £500 Only covering refreshments. Wikimedia Sverige has committed to supporting the Sunday catering up to £500.
Speaker travel 2,000
Speaker accommodation 1,000
Travel scholarships for delegates/speakers 2,000
Stationery 100
couriering materials 75
Materials 2,000 Print brochures and merch - bags, laynards, pens, badges
Gifts for speakers 200
TOTAL 12,150
Income from the tickets 1703,23
Europeana grant 500

[1] Total catering invoice came up to £4,177.44

Report from Sage shows final spend as of 30 September 2013 - [1]

Timetable for activities

Conference taking place over 12-14 April 2013.

Success Criteria
  • Sufficient attendance as per plan
  • Attendees value conference and provide good feedback.
  • Conference content is stimulating and appropriate
  • That there is follow-up that offers development throughout the GLAM community and builds links with Wikimedia UK.
  • Low attendance.
  • Lack of stimulating content.
  • Lack of focus.