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Thanks everyone for attending!

The next GLAM-Wiki conference after GLAMCamp took place in London in April 2013 - GLAM-WIKI 2013.

This event was a meeting/workshop for Wikimedians active in outreach to cultural institutions. Rather than an open community conference, this was a workshop targeting a small group of community-focused and technology-focused Wikimedians to discuss the key elements of the project. Attendees also included representatives of GLAM (and related) institutions who already have had a strong relationship with Wikimedia.

The British Library's main courtyard entrance



This is an unconference style event where the majority of the presentations were lightening talks, or collaborative discussions, with minimal amount of traditional 30 minute presentations.

Saturday was focused on sharing best practise, so anyone linked with a GLAM organisation was encouraged to present on the projects they have carried out. Sunday was a GLAM WIKI 2013 conference planning day. In general, the event was intended to be mainly for existing Wikimedians, and to consist mostly of workshops and discussions focusing on:

  • Where GLAM is now, and where it's heading:
    • Collaborations
    • Tools
    • Metrics
    • Assessing and establishing a lead contact for moving forward with updates discussed at GLAMcamp Amsterdam.
    • Sharing best practices from the GLAM-Wiki Taskforce established by WM:UK and how lessons learned may be applied to the GLAM-Wiki US Consortium, and other such entities.
    • Working groups trying to grasping the core of successful projects, and documenting that so it can be applied elsewhere. For example 'behind the scenes' would be one of such working groups, 'photo contests' could be another etc.

Saturday @ the BL

10:30am British Library Conference Centre for registration and coffee
11am (30m)
  • Introductions - Setting the scene by Fæ
  • Lightning talks (20m)
  • Brainstorming & Planning for Saturday
12am Session 1:
  • Copyright
  • Events and getting volunteers
  • Centralisation and employment
1pm Lunch
2pm Session 2: Panel discussion - what do GLAM institutions want from us?
Members of the panel to include Fae, Lori Phillips, Andrew Gray, John Byrne and Computer History Museum representative
3:15pm Coffee break
3:30pm Session 3: Tools and metrics
4:30pm Quick Wrapup
Evening Social activity (choice of pub - O'Neill's on Euston Road - or Indian restaurant - Humaira on Judd Street)

Sunday @ the BL

11am Welcome Coffee, Planning the day - Preparation for the GLAM-WIKI 2013
11.30am Session 1: Feedback from WLM programme, lessons for GLAM programmes ... and lightning talks!
12:30 Lunch (Check for Sunday opening [1])
1:30pm Session 2: Looking forward to GLAMwiki Conference 2013 (possibly split into sessions - working groups - on the day)
2:45pm Coffee Break
3pm Session 3: More GLAM-Wiki
4pm Conclusions and plans for the future
Evening Social activity - relaxed pub and food location - O'Neills at 73-77 Euston Road

Lightning Talks


  • Planning for the full GLAM-WIKI conference in 2013
  • Considering the format of and discussing if any or all portions should be adapted for the WP:GLAM WikiProject space on English Wikipedia. How does this link/replicate/differentiate from, etc.
  • The role of GLAM within the models of User Groups and Thematic Organizations.
  • Editathons and Editor training - what actually works?
  • How useful for the GLAM community is a new extension designed to export data from Facebook to MediaWiki?
This tool is currently (August 2012) being developed by the newly-founded Media & Memory Research Initiative at the University of Hull in collaboration with the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Glasgow, through support from the Digital Preservation Coalition and JISC. Engagement at GLAMcamp could range from a presentation by the project manager to a hands-on demo for any Wikimedians interested in trying out this new extension.
  • Workshop to redesign the WHO World Heritage Site template in several languages
  • Spending the Technical development to support cultural outreach budget from the WMUK 2013 annual plan (c. £20,000)


This is an unconference style event where the majority of the presentations will be lightening talks, or collaborative discussions. There will not be much opportunities to deliver long 30 minute presentations.

  • Success story - First Wiki GLAM steps in Serbia - Successful GLAM Conference and cooperation with Museum of Aviation in Belgrade. --Ivan25 (talk) 11:54, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
  • "Wiki Loves Monuments" for the first time in Serbia - A small step for us, but a giant leap for Serbia. --Bebauautu (talk) 02:11, 23 August 2012 (UTC)
  • "A strategic argument for high resolution content" by Peter Weis (talk) 22:52, 1 September 2012 (UTC)
  • "LOC-NARA collaboration for a new model of citing historical images on Wikipedia," Dominic (talk) 19:11, 12 September 2012 (UTC)


  • Blog post by Wikimedia Sweden [2]
  • Summary from Europeana [3]
  • Blog post by Rock drum [4]
  • GLAM Bootcamp - [5] (an idea created during the session was brought into life as an event in US in April 2013.) On Signpost here.
  • GLAM-WIKI 2013


  1. Johnbod
  2. Lori Phillips
  3. Dominic
  4. Rock drum
  5. KTC
  6. Maximilianklein
  7. John Andersson (WMSE)
  8. Andrew Gray
  9. Peter Weis
  10. Danny B.
  11. Kippelboy
  12. ToniSant
  13. Ivan25
  14. Bebauautu (coordinator of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Serbia)
  15. Kilian Kluge (WMDE) (Wikipedian in Residence at Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, representing Wikimedia Germany's WiR efforts)
  16. Daniel Mietchen
  17. Daria Cybulska (WMUK)
  18. Marc Weber and Jon Plutte, Computer History Museum (; we are developing an exhibit on Wikipedia
  19. Sandra Fauconnier (WMNL)
  20. Harry Mitchell
  21. Geer Oskam, Europeana (
  22. The Land
  23. Andy Mabbett
  24. Davidpar
  25. John Cummings
  26. Lodewijk
  27. Ruben Demus
  28. Andrew Davidson
  29. ClemRutter
  30. WereSpielChequers
  31. Andeggs (Digital Comms Editor, The Royal Society (just for Saturday later afternoon)
  32. Axel Pettersson (WMSE)
  33. Hasina Khatun (WMUK)
  34. Jon Davies
  35. Tom Morris
  36. Andrew Garret


Below are the volunteer facilitators who were making sure the sessions run in order, are productive and recorded well.

  1. The Land - Saturday morning only
  2. Johnbod
  3. Andrew Gray
  4. Peter Weis
  5. Kippelboy - TBC
  6. WereSpielChequers (talk)


Please leave questions on the talkpage, email or Also +44 (0) 207 065 0994, or 07803 505 170.


Was arranged atL

Generator Hostel London:
37 Tavistock Place
Russell Square
WC1H 9SE London
+44 (0)20 7388 7666


Reasonable travel and accommodation costs for UK residents was considered by the UK chapter for participants with appropriate GLAM experience and involvement in GLAM related Wikimedia events. Refer to Expense policy for details of how WMUK takes a reasonable approach to paying expenses.

For international participants, in the first instance the local chapter of your country should have been asked to cover expenses. WMUK was aiming to assist international participants with no support from a local chapter.

Apart from covering expenses, we were providing per diems to support the catering costs (only refreshments were provided at the British Library).